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Secondary schools in New York, training in high school in New York

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Secondary schools in New York, training in high school in New York

Study in the USA Study in the USA is a dream for many students from all over the world, and New York 's high schools are rightfully considered the best in the country. Pre-university education, obtained in America, is the key to successful admission to most American universities.

High school education in New York: key features

The education system in the US is represented by public and private educational institutions. Since training in high school in New York for foreigners is paid, there arises a reasonable question of choosing an educational institution. In private schools, education costs more, which justifies the result - graduates of private educational institutions more often enter the leading colleges and universities of the country.

Despite the fact that each state approves its own program, the structure of secondary education remains common for all. Thus, American education is divided into three main stages:

  • elementary school, age 5-10 years: several basic disciplines are studied (reading, writing, mathematics and the basics of natural sciences) and music, physical education, drawing.
  • average (middle school), age 11-14 years: compulsory subjects for study - mathematics, history, science, English plus 2-3 subjects to choose from.
  • senior (high school), age 15-18: there is the possibility of self-selection of disciplines (as a rule, they choose those subjects that are necessary for admission to the chosen university).
  • Preparation for admission is better to begin in advance. All foreigners will have to:

    1. Apply for studies at the selected school,

    2. provide a certificate with grades,

    3. provide recommendations from teachers, a description from the class teacher,

    4. Share achievements at the Olympics, in the sports and social spheres (if available),

    5. to pass the interview in English (in case of a positive decision on the application).

    A mandatory requirement for admission is the surrender of the standardized academic test SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test), which is designed to assess the basic skills necessary for learning: the ability to verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and mathematics, .

    For admission to colleges or universities, the results of the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) test are required, which the students prepare for in high school.

    Why choose a course in high school in New York?

  • New York is the capital of the eponymous state, one of the richest cities in the world. Prestigious private schools are located in New York. In the conditions of tough competition, each educational institution strives to distinguish itself by programs, modern equipment of classes, comfortable living conditions, etc.
  • The high quality of academic education is due to the strongest pedagogical composition. The smartest people of the country come to New York.
  • The business atmosphere reigning in the city allows young students to plunge into the world of cutting-edge technologies, expand their horizons, define their future profession, make new friends from around the world.
  • The best high schools in New York: features, accommodation, prices, cost, rating

    All high schools in New York offer foreigners comfortable living conditions: in residences on campus or in a host family. Modern residences are equipped with rooms for 2-3 people, in common use a kitchen, rest room, laundry and classes for preparation. There are restrictions for children under 9 years old - they must live with their parents or relatives.

  • Leman Manhattan Preparatory School
  • This school is considered the most modern and progressive in America. This is primarily manifested in the high level of academic preparation (graduates enter the best universities of the country ), high-tech equipment (here are easily accessible laptops, multimedia projectors, interactive whiteboards, various communication media).

    It offers a full range of educational services: the program of primary and secondary classes, for students of the senior school program IB , preparation for the SAT exam, preparation for TOEFL , International Foundation (SAT + TOEFL), Diploma + Advanced Placement (provides for the possibility of preliminary enrollment in a university). For foreign students 14-18 years old is also open a summer camp with the study of English.

    Infrastructure allows you to organize extra-curricular activities in the gymnasium, swimming pool, dance hall, creative studios, scientific laboratories. Global cooperation within the framework of the Meritas Family involves training in exchange, leisure activities in joint international camps, participation in international competitions, etc.

    Foreigners in the Leman Manhattan Preparatory School live in a full board in residences near the main building, in the heart of the city (next to the Stock Exchange, Federally Hall). Meals are provided on a full board basis.

    The cost of training at the Leman Manhattan Preparatory School ranges from $ 83,000 / year + an additional mandatory contribution of $ 6,000 upon admission (uniforms, books, etc.). 2 weeks in the summer camp will cost $ 4,500.

  • Masters School
  • The oldest private educational institution, founded in 1877, specializes in middle and high school programs. The mission of the Masters School is the creation of a complex and interesting academic environment aimed at the comprehensive development of students: critical thinking, curiosity, high achievement and success. Highly qualified teachers and a high level of academic training are the main advantages of the prestigious private school in New York. Here, children are engaged in sports and creativity - everyone will find a suitable hobby / hobby for themselves (circles of debate, anime, singing, needlework, dancing).

    A rich infrastructure is located on 96 acres of land on the banks of the Hudson River. The campus has everything you need for living and studying, children feel at home here.

    For those students who would like to improve the level of English, there is a special ESL course (English as a foreign language).

    Accommodation of students is organized in residences on campus for 1-2 people in a room. Meals are organized according to the full board. You can choose a special diet, including dietary.

    The cost of training ranges from $ 64,400 / year.

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