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Schools in Vienna, the best schools in Vienna

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Schools in Vienna, the best schools in Vienna

For today in the Viennese schools for Russian students, schoolboys and foreigners the sated preparatory programs for delivery of examinations in the high schools entering into lists of the international ratings are developed.

Secondary education in Vienna: how to choose a school, program features, types of schools, which school is better?

1. Secondary education in Austria

The Austrian system of education in many respects is similar to German and also consists of three basic steps:

  • Volksschule - primary school: children enter primary school at six years, primary school course lasts 4 years
  • Hauptschule - the senior step: as a result of education in high school children receive a diploma of secondary education
  • Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schule is the level of the general education school, which provides more in-depth knowledge. From the 7th grade children begin to study profile subjects
  • The highest step in the school prepares students for admission to the university , and the successful passing of exams allows you to get a diploma of full secondary education Matura.
  • 2. Language of instruction : there are various programs in the schools of Vienna where you can choose the language of instruction - English or German (in the overwhelming majority). Regardless of the chosen language, schoolchildren are required to learn another foreign language. Courses with the study of English have earned a reputation as a top-quality program.

    3. Private schools in Vienna

    Private schools in Vienna differ from the state's more strict approach to teaching, as well as more comfortable learning and living conditions. In general, there are two types of programs:

  • The programs of the Austrian educational standard
  • Program IB, which prepares students to enter universities in Britain, the United States and the rest of the world.
  • The best boarding schools in Vienna

  • Among the various closed boarding schools in Vienna, it is especially worth paying attention to the school of Amadeus International School . This is one of the most prestigious international educational institutions in Vienna. For foreign students it is offered to study on the programs of the standard educational module of Austria, IB and a special combined course, which includes profile study of music. In addition to academic programs, exciting recreational activities, sports and excursions have been developed for schoolchildren. Like any international school, Amadeus International School is distinguished by a special intercultural spirit: students are among the same foreigners who come from abroad, study on an equal footing with them and adapt much more easily. The cost of tuition for a trimester is from 14,000 €.
  • Okanagan Hockey School and Academy Europe is a branch of the popular American academy Okanagan Hockey: here it is offered to receive high-quality academic training and sports education for children. Most of the students are children of 9-12 grades, they are offered to study under the IB program. 70% of students are foreigners, and they are offered a choice of two languages: English and German.
  • Conditions of admission and prices

    As a rule, schools accept students without entrance examinations, but a package of documents is mandatory:

  • Progress Report for 2-3 years
  • Characteristics from teachers
  • Results of the IELTS or TestDaF language exams
  • Perhaps an interview with a representative of the school.
  • Tuition: varies and depends on a number of nuances - study at a secondary school is cheaper than in the graduating classes, cheaper will be study in German, and the most expensive in the country are the IB programs. Approximate cost of training will be from 15000 to 25000 €.

    SMAPSE managers assist in the following issues: selection of a suitable school for a specific child, clarification of the cost of programs and learning features. Since SMAPSE is the official representative of many educational institutions, enrollment services and consultations are free of charge.

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