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Schools in St. Gallen, the best schools of St. Gallen

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Schools in St. Gallen, the best schools of St. Gallen

The city of St. Gallen is located in the vicinity of the popular Alps and stands out with an abundance of greenery, beautiful panoramic views, fresh mountain air. The place is very comfortable for study and living: for Russians and foreigners extensive academic studies on various educational systems and linguistic activities are available, you can plan the rest and study of children for the summer or winter holidays. Local schools have excellent reviews and high ratings. The cost of attending a private school will depend on the chosen program, the level of intensity and the level of language knowledge - if it is not enough to teach the chosen program, students attend additional language classes.

Children and schoolchildren are completely immersed in the language and cultural environment - for active leisure during extra-curricular time there are developmental trips and excursions:

  • Milan
  • Zurich
  • Munich
  • Innsbruck
  • Geneva
  • Lucerne
  • Como
  • Paris
  • Sports complex in Winterthur
  • Theater of St. Gallen
  • Theater of Zurich
  • "Europe Park" in the city of Rust
  • Auto-Salon Genf in Geneva
  • Zoo in Zurich
  • Karting in Montlingen
  • Exhibition in Basel and much more.

Planned and a visit to many famous Swiss resorts: Davos, Laax, Klosters, Gryush-Danuz and Lenzerheyd.

Linguistic programs for the summer in the schools of St. Galena

Institut auf dem Rosenberg together with the language school ARIANA offer courses in English , German and French as part of summer courses. For Russian students and schoolchildren, foreigners will be offered linguistic courses with varying degrees of intensity. For pupils this is a unique opportunity to study on the basis of Switzerland's top university in school with the study of English, to combine study and rest.

An example of an elite and prestigious school

Institut auf dem Rosenberg is a private school, which is included in the TOP of the most prestigious schools in Switzerland: here Russian students and foreigners prepare for entering the best universities of the world on a par with the Swiss. The school offers a wide range of linguistic courses: German, English, French, Italian, several educational programs of various types. Students in their reviews note a fairly strict discipline, but at the same time a very friendly atmosphere between students and teachers. Educators strongly support students and help to disclose the talents of children and schoolchildren at extra-curricular times.

  • Swiss branch
  • Italian branch
  • German branch
  • British education
  • American education
  • Academic courses of English, German, Italian for children from 11 to 17 years.

Schweizer Maturitat (certificate of maturity) - the certificate confirms the end of the middle classes. The document is recognized by all the higher schools of the country: you can continue studying, for example, at the Rosenberg Institute at the economic department with the subsequent receipt of a commercial or economic diploma. Beginning to receive a profession, students can already from the 9th grade.

Esame di Stato (matriculation certificate) is a state exam, in preparation for which groups of students are divided into humanists and those who study exact sciences. Depending on the direction, children receive state maturity certificates, either with a linguistic bias (Maturità Linguistica), or they choose examinations in the natural-science orientation (Maturità Scientifica).

Das Deutsche Abitur (German certificate) - the certificate of completion of the gymnasium in Germany is the equivalent of the international baccalaureate (IB) and allows you to enter universities without entrance examinations. To obtain a certificate, schoolchildren must pass 5 main exams, optional extras or linguistic subjects can be added.

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) program is designed to ensure that after completing the course, students receive a certificate of incomplete secondary education. It is allowed to take an exam in 10 subjects, but usually schoolchildren choose 6-8. Further training can be continued on A-level or International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

The two-year A-Level program is designed to prepare for universities in the UK . It is worthwhile carefully approaching the choice of the place of education under the program and obtaining a certificate, because after receiving it the student can apply to no more than 5 universities (usually using the electronic system UCAS). It is believed that pupils of private schools have a good chance of entering because of higher quality of education and the results of examinations. Students study a small number of subjects, which allows you to focus on the priority areas of research.

Obtaining a High School Diploma certificate on full secondary education is an analogue of the British GCSE exam. Students are required to study compulsory academic courses, while elective classes can be established by schools or individual states. When choosing additional classes, students can take their interests and wishes into account.

Further training can be continued with the Advanced Placement (AP) program. A feature of the entire American system is its credit system: during the training, students earn points (educational credits, credit units), depending on the number of hours worked on the course. The Advanced Placement program corresponds to the training in the US high school and offers 36 subjects. Most universities, when considering an application for training, take into account the assessments for AP directions as bonuses and priorities.

Language programs can be visited even after they have been enrolled in Institut auf dem Rosenberg to improve their knowledge or prepare for examinations for a certificate. During the course, the school administration takes care that the students develop not only linguistic skills, but also learn the culture of Switzerland, go in for sports, engage in creativity and attend recreational activities.

Which program is better in the schools of St. Gallen

SMAPSE is ready to provide detailed information about each of the programs and help you choose a school - just contact our employee in a way that is convenient for you. We work as partners with leading foreign schools, therefore the enrollment of our clients in educational institutions is absolutely free (our commission is absent completely!), Like all our consultations.

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