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Schools in Montreux, the best schools in Montreux

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Schools in Montreux, the best schools in Montreux

In the Swiss city of Montreux there are elite and prestigious schools - an ecologically clean place with picturesque views of the Alps and Lake Geneva. Academic and linguistic programs correspond to international quality and have excellent reviews from Russian students and schoolchildren, other foreigners. Pupils of popular schools in Montreux are intensely engaged in daily activities and spend leisure time in an environmentally healthy environment. The training is conducted predominantly in English : daily practice positively affects students with further admission to foreign schools around the world.

Sports activities available in the best Montreux schools

Schools with academic and linguistic programs support the active way of life of all their wards, therefore, in the territories of schools, all conditions for various sports and creativity are often created: fitness, karate, chess, ice skating, photography, mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding in the winter season), horseback riding, swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, team games, ballet, jogging, yoga, athletics, choreography, tennis, gymnastics.

Profile directions in Montreux schools

In the narrow-profile top schools, the curriculum may include:

  • European etiquette
  • business etiquette
  • international etiquette of private and business meetings
  • table setting and table etiquette
  • compilation and calculation of the menu
  • decorating the table and the art of drawing up bouquets and more.

Schools in Montreux: educational programs

To conduct academic studies, the best teachers are selected who have the appropriate qualifications for working with children, and language classes are taught by native speakers. Available courses and programs:

On linguistic courses you can prepare for international exams:

List of prestigious schools in Montreux

  • The school of etiquette Institut Villa Pierrefeu is considered an elite school in Switzerland for students from 16 to 30 years. The program allows you to master the norms of international etiquette and behavior in various situations, improve the language level, improve knowledge in world culture and art. Linguistic courses allow you to choose a language - French or English - plus you can choose a bilingual program and engage in two linguistic directions at once.
  • John F. Kennedy International School is an international school with a high rating: it trains only 60 students, which forms a very warm, friendly, almost family atmosphere. The primary goal of the school is to teach children in junior and middle classes (4-14 years): to develop perseverance, attentiveness and perseverance, form a strong foundation of basic knowledge and skills, foster a desire for knowledge, self-development and education. The British program of primary and secondary schools is available for children from 4 to 10 years; The training is fully conducted in English and corresponds to the high standards of British education. Additional language programs in French or German.
  • The private school Institut Monte Rosa is one of the top 5 prestigious family-type schools in Switzerland. For pupils from 6 to 19 years, a lot of educational programs have been developed - everyone will find something suitable for them: elementary and high school, GCSE, A-Level, Advanced Placement, Business / Economics Program, DELF, KET , PET, FCE , SAT , English, French, Chinese, Russian, Italian. Flexible schedule does not exclude the possibility of training on combined programs. The school is located in an old mansion where for creative development creative workshops, auditoriums of fine arts, music, and technologies are organized.
  • School Surval Montreux Surval Montreux is the leading school for future girls-leaders from 11 to 21 years. Programs: Foundation Year, American High School Diplom a, IGCSE, A-Level, summer courses in French or English. In addition to basic and optional classes, girls have the opportunity to go in for sports or horse riding.

How to choose the best school

Choosing a school and a program in Montreux is not easy: depending on your budget, interests, requirements and wishes, SMAPSE specialists can help you with free advice and further help with any organizational issues.

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