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Schools in Dubai, the best schools in Dubai

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Schools in Dubai, the best schools in Dubai

International standards of education, top prestigious schools, highly qualified teachers, equipped with the latest equipment campuses - all this is available in sunny Dubai. Annually representatives of more than 60 countries from all over the world arrive in Dubai to study in the top schools of the UAE - the best educational institutions in Dubai are in great demand. Many schools have a high rating and are proud of their students who enter the leading foreign universities around the world. To their students, educators and teachers of educational institutions are very attentive, friendly, strive to develop their individuality and reveal their talents in every possible way, that's why every teacher is regularly given individual time to ensure the effectiveness of the curriculum.

Basically the training is conducted in English , but the study of a foreign language is compulsory, in some schools even two foreign languages are studied.

Sports and leisure activities

On the campus of schools for children, there are regular recreational and sporting events, so that students can lead an active lifestyle. The most popular sports entertainments are:

  • tennis
  • yoga
  • swimming
  • badminton
  • basketball
  • Athletics
  • water polo
  • golf
  • baseball
  • cross-country
  • football
  • gymnastics
  • dancing
  • karate
  • tennis.

Additional lessons: journalism, drama and theater, digital photography, modern media technologies, the art of Arabic calligraphy, Arabic, mathematics, the Italian language club and others.

Adventure activities: safaris in the desert, horseback riding, hiking, visits to theme parks, sailing regattas and more.

Benefits of studying in Dubai for children

United Arab Emirates is a safe, developed and very hospitable country for studying and resting children, all conditions for effective teaching and exciting leisure are created here. The UAE has developed a unique education system, and popular schools have an impeccable reputation.

Apply for study at the school in Dubai is necessary in advance, because in the top schools there is a waiting list. Choosing the right school requires patience and responsibility - educational institutions impose strict requirements on the admission process, and there are always a lot of people wishing to study in the best schools in Dubai. SMAPSE provides support to its clients throughout the entire admission and training process so that attendance at educational courses is comfortable.

Types of academic programs for schoolchildren:

  • The program of middle classes for students from 11 to 16 years. Students learn the following types of disciplines: foreign languages, natural sciences, social and human sciences, art, mathematics.
  • The program of the senior classes is available for pupils from 14-17 years old, where each student is obliged to attend obligatory disciplines, and also to choose optional courses for themselves. If the level of knowledge of the language is not enough, then there is a special transition program, at the end of which students join the general course of high school.
  • Swiss Baccalaureate is a high school program in the 9th to 12th year of study and a Swiss diploma that allows you to enter Swiss universities without entrance examinations and examinations (with the exception of medical educational institutions). Bilingual training in English and French; the curriculum includes 7 basic disciplines, 1 elective for the choice of the student and 1 additional profile subject.
  • The GCSE program is a British middle-class program.
  • IB program is a unique international program, the standards of which are accepted all over the world. The curriculum has compulsory classes for all students and additional profile subjects: to get a diploma IB it is important to attend sports, creative events, programs of spiritual and social development (CAS), to do thesis work. Diplomas IB are accepted all over the world, but each country and school has the right to set privileges for students who have completed the IB program: for example, in a number of countries the diploma allows one to enroll at the second year of the university.

Tuition fees in schools in Dubai

For prestigious education abroad, Russian and foreigners are willing to pay a lot of money: parents of children who study in the UAE, rightly believe that investment in the education of children - the best and most appropriate. The price of training in the school in Dubai depends on the chosen program, the school's ranking and its location.

Examples of prestigious and elite schools in Dubai

  • School Swiss International Scientific School is a private international school for boys and girls from 3 to 18 years old (from 11 years old you can live on a full board basis). Particular attention is paid by teachers to vocational guidance to help children and schoolchildren determine their future profession and begin studying the chosen field. The main program is taught in English, in addition pupils of middle and high school attend classes in French or German. Available programs: middle classes, IB, Swiss Baccalaureate.
  • Private school Repton School Dubai has a large territory, which has 2 cricket fields, rugby fields, basketball, climbing wall, football field, indoor pool, 3 tennis courts and others. Students live in spacious residences of the school on the principle of full boarding. The elite school courses combine British educational standards (UK curriculum) and the international curriculum (IB). Available programs: middle classes, senior classes, IB.
  • Teachers with DELTA / CELTA qualification teach at ES Dubai language school , and year-round language courses are available for students aged 18 and over. According to the law of the country, Russian and foreigners who have come to long-term courses can work on part-time employment, the school even helps in finding work-offs. Available programs: English for students, business communication, IELTS courses .
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