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Schools in Canada with arrival in January, April, June

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Schools in Canada with arrival in January, April, June

Education in Canada today is one of the best in the world - every year thousands of children from different countries aspire to enter the schools and colleges of the country, and institutions create suitable conditions for this. Courses are adapted for foreign children and schoolchildren, including Russian, special semester or annual courses with the program of integration into the school . Given the difference in the curriculum in different countries, as well as the time spent on submitting applications and documents, schools provide the opportunity to begin training in winter, spring or summer - from January, April or June.

Several integrikes in the year make the receipt process convenient, and in itself this system is adjusted to the annual schedule. The year is divided into several semesters or trimesters:

  • Autumn: from September to December (there is a break for a small vacation in October or November, plus a big Christmas break in late December or early January)
  • Winter: January to April (break in February or March)
  • Spring: in the period from May to June-July.
  • For admission, you must meet a number of requirements:

  • High level of English or French (depending on the institution)
  • Report card (with marks for the past 2 years)
  • Recommendations from teachers
  • Interview with a student or parents
  • Portfolio
  • It is possible to conduct testing for the level of knowledge.
  • In Canada, there are many prestigious and rating schools , and all of them have quality training programs and excellent living conditions. Graduates of Canadian schools achieve significant success in further educational and professional activities.

    Examples of schools with arrival in January, April, June:

    1) Columbia International College

    Columbia specializes in middle and high school programs - about 2000 children from about 70 countries come here every year. Schoolchildren are intensively preparing to enter the chosen university , develop the skills of critical thinking and adapt to the way of life. Graduates receive a prestigious OSSD diploma and can count on enrolling in the best universities .

    2) Albert College

    Founded in 1857 and included in the top 50 best boarding houses in the country. The mission is to provide fundamental education and comprehensive development based on 5 "whales": academic training, creative development, social activities, sport, adventure. The campus is located in the coastal green zone of Lake Ontario, which houses classrooms, laboratories, sports facilities and much more. 100% of pupils enter the selected universities.

    3) Bodwell High School

    In Bodwell High there are classes from 8 to 12, the academic year is divided into trimesters and you can enter at the beginning of each of them. In 8-9 classes are studied English, French, physical education, science and mathematics, social sciences, business, visual arts, music, health science, career guidance. Preferable directions are chosen at 10-12, but there are a number of compulsory disciplines: English, mathematics and algebra, biology, chemistry, physics, technology, social sciences, creativity, economics, geography. The institution is controlled by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

    4) Stanstead College

    It is one of the best institutions in Quebec and offers the following courses: middle / high school (7-11, Quebec education program), High School Ontario Diploma with AP (12). Only highly qualified teachers from all over the world work here, who teach children to be independent and critical thinkers. The base established in children's and teenage years subsequently helps to achieve the set goals and to develop professionally.

    5) Fulford Academy

    Fulford has one of the highest places in the ranking of international private institutions in the country. This small institution (only 60 students!) Is in Brockville and is distinguished by exceptional performance of its graduates. Foreign participants undergo special adaptation courses and study the history and culture of Canada and the US , there is a special department of career guidance, whose staff helps in orientation and development. The atmosphere is distinguished by its calmness, family character and all-embracing linguistic immersion.

    6) Royal Elite International Academy

    The name of the institution speaks for itself - it really is a royal elite international academy, one of the best in the country and throughout North America. All teachers have higher education and are members of the Ontario College of Teachers, use time-tested and state-of-the-art methods and technologies. The Academy has a special support service for entering and choosing the preferred destination. The campus is located in a unique natural area - just 15 minutes from it is the famous Niagara Falls.

    7) Pattison High School

    An independent institution in British Columbia offers effective courses from the 8th to the 12th grade, is licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education. The average size of classes does not exceed 15 people, which makes it possible to implement an individual approach to each, children learn to respect the culture and traditions of each other. There is an intensive support in English and vocational guidance, additional classes for preparation for entering the university.

    8) Brookes Shawnigan Lake

    Until recently, the school was called Dwight School, it is part of the Brookes Education Group, a network of institutions in different countries, whose goal is not only to provide education of the highest quality, but also scientific and cultural exchange between countries. An intensive program on art (drama, acting, theater, cinema) is being conducted, career development specialists, invited experts are working. Among the list of universities where graduates enter: New York University, Boston University, McGill University, University of Toronto, Drew University, Acadia University, Emory University, University of Ottawa.

    9) McDonald International Academy

    MIA was founded in 1994 and today it is one of the main educational and research centers of the country. The Academy trains representatives of more than 30 states, which contributes to the development of mutual respect, interaction and search for compromises: children understand that nationality and religion are grounds for cooperation rather than enmity. MIA has partnered with many universities in Canada and the US: some of them have exclusive opportunities for admission to pupils of the school.

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