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Schools in Cambridge, the best schools in Cambridge

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Schools in Cambridge, the best schools in Cambridge

Learning English in the UK is an excellent option for foreign and Russian students who want to get a quality education abroad . One of the British cities, where there is a large number of training centers and schools for children , adolescents and students, is widely known around the world. Cambridge is an excellent place for short-term studies during the holidays or for long-term studies during the academic year. Here, students of different ages can prepare for entering a dream university or improve their English proficiency level, having an unforgettable life experience and new impressions.

Learning English in Cambridge - the best schools for foreign and Russian students

We will tell you about several schools in Cambridge , which are invariably popular with foreign students, occupy a leading position in the ratings of educational institutions across the country and have the deserved title of the leading educational institutions of their class:

  • Abbey College Cambridge . This private school is part of the training group The Alpha Plus and is located in the famous student city of Britain. The college is suitable for training children from the senior classes, that is, from 15 to 18 years. This is an excellent place for foreign students - here they can not only quickly and effectively switch to the British educational system, but also to receive the training necessary to enter elite English universities . Every second college student is a foreigner, so the training will take place in an international environment. The college offers annual programs, training courses and thematic summers (for example, in medicine).
  • Bellerbys College Cambridge . The college is located on the territory of the famous British university, named the same as this town. This is a place with a special atmosphere, combining the educational traditions of this England and modern teaching methods. The educational process takes place in two campuses - Queens and Manor. The first is located in front of the Botanical Garden near the city center and is part of the architectural ensemble of the historic district. The second building is located 2 km from the central part of Cambridge and is a technological building.
  • The Leys School Cambridge . This private school specializes in the language training of students from various countries. Leys school Cambridge enter the educational network BELL, which for many years follows high standards of work, applies only a personal approach to all students and offers its students methods that have a scientific basis and are recognized effective. The school accepts children from 12 to 17 years with a confident knowledge of English. Here, foreign and Russian students can get the necessary academic background for admission to the university and improve their English titles.
  • CATS College Cambridge . It is a branch of the famous British network of colleges and schools CATS College, which has been engaged in educational services more than 60 years ago. For teaching Cambridge, the college offers a classical program for older children - from 15 to 18 years. CATS College Cambridge has all the necessary facilities for comfortable learning and living. The institution is on the list of the best colleges for students of this age category. The pedagogical staff is formed only from qualified teachers who are native speakers.
  • Cambridge International School . This young school was founded in 2006, but the history of its creation begins in the distant 1976. Today it is a modern educational institution that trains children from 5 to 18 years old from different countries on its territory. The school intentionally forms a multinational environment in which a student of any nationality will feel comfortable and confident. The main task of the Cambridge International School is to enable foreign students to effectively develop and acquire quality knowledge that will help them to reach new heights in the field of education. This is one of those schools where uniform is used.

Tuition fees in Cambridge schools: prices, list, rating of institutions

Abroad, foreign and Russian students are accepted mainly in private educational institutions, where studies are paid. A student from another country will need a certain amount to study at Cambridge. The annual cost of training in each institution will be different, since it is formed taking into account several factors (school rating, duration of studies, accommodation options and not only). The average price of one academic year in private schools in Cambridge will be from 18 to 40 thousand pounds sterling. The price for one trimester is from 8 to 13 thousand pounds sterling. An additional expense will be the issuing of visas, insurance and purchase of air tickets in both directions.

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