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Schools in Berlin, the best schools in Berlin

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Schools in Berlin, the best schools in Berlin

Berlin provides an opportunity to combine study and rest for Russian, foreigners and schoolchildren from all over the world, to receive high-quality education in top educational institutions. German culture is rich and multifaceted, and many Germany is associated with disciplined Germans - true professionals in their business. Schools in Berlin are highly rated and have positive reviews, so they are so popular among students around the world. Many schools are located in the center of the capital of Germany, which allows you to visit the sights of Berlin, learn its culture, history and always be within walking distance of prestigious and popular areas with developed infrastructure. But also German schools are located in the suburbs of the city, among the picturesque forests and reservoirs, which makes it possible to compose an interesting adventure program and engage in a variety of sports.

Programs for children and schoolchildren in top schools

  • to prepare for the Goethe-Institut exam and to obtain an international certificate confirming the level of German language proficiency. The curriculum for this course includes the performance of typical tasks in grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing.
  • for passing the exam and getting the Abitur certificate : it is he who is the only certificate that allows entering the universities of Germany without entrance examinations.
  • to prepare for the TestDAF exam. The course is intended primarily for Russians and foreigners who are going to study at German universities, where universities can independently establish the required level of knowledge for admission.
  • German language courses for Russian and foreigners, where teachers pay special attention to practical studies and communication to break down the language barrier for students.

The main subjects and directions of the school curriculum (based on a private school):

  • mathematics
  • art
  • geography
  • sociology
  • religious studies
  • German
  • computer science
  • biology
  • policy
  • English
  • ethics
  • physics
  • Spanish
  • history
  • chemistry.

Entertainment for students and schoolchildren

Schools provide not only educational activities, but also in every way promotes the development of sports, creative skills. On the territory of schools there can be creative, musical studios and sports grounds, optional classes are held in different directions. The administration of German schools tries to make extra-curricular activities interesting and exciting for students, during leisure, children communicate with each other in the studied language. Students often visit city attractions, make field trips, attend cultural events, for example:

  • museums and galleries
  • Exhibitions
  • screenings
  • bicycle tours in Wannsee
  • Lake Bathenze
  • famous German castles
  • Leipzig
  • Potsdam
  • Dresden
  • Hamburg.

List of prestigious schools in Berlin

  • The private school Schulfarm Insel Scharfenberg is a state boarding school for mixed education: young people from 16 to 18 are admitted, and programs are open to foreigners. The curriculum is distinguished by an abundance of practical activities: schoolchildren study in detail agriculture, gardening and often engage in their own farm, where there are almost all domesticated animals. Also the program includes music lessons. The school is in an unusual place - in the middle of Lake Tegel on the island: you can get to Berlin in an hour. After passing the curriculum, students pass a national exam for the Abitur certificate - it entitles them to enroll in some universities without additional examinations.
  • The German Language School (GLS Berlin) was recognized three times as the best language school in Germany. It is located in a modern building of a prestigious area with well-developed infrastructure, within walking distance from Berlin's sights. Courses are available to prepare for the language tests Goethe Zertifikat and TestDaF, and the program Studienkolleg can be prepared for admission to German universities: Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena or Westsachsische Hochschule Zwickau. For adults from 18 years of age all year round German courses are available, and for children from 16 years old summer programs are organized with the study of a foreign language.
  • Language school Alpadia Berlin all year round conducts standard German courses, four-week preparation courses for language exams Goethe Zertifikat and TestDaF .

Example of a camp with sports facilities for children and schoolchildren

In summer school German Language School (GLS Berlin Young & Fun) special attention is paid to football, tennis, sailing; Available summer programs for children from 7 to 14 years. The course includes 15 lessons per week in German and 90 minutes three times a week for football, tennis or sailing.

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