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Schools in Barcelona, ​​the best schools in Barcelona

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Schools in Barcelona, ​​the best schools in Barcelona

Training in Barcelona schools for Russian students, schoolchildren and foreigners has a number of advantages: it is not only the high quality of educational programs and the opportunity to master one (or even two) languages, but also comfortable living, a country with a rich history and a pleasant climate.

Secondary education in Barcelona: how to choose a school, program features, types of schools, which school is better?

1. Compulsory secondary education in Spain

The Spanish education system consists of two main stages:

  • Primaria, or primary school (for schoolchildren 6-15 years old)
  • Educación Segundaria Obligatoria (for schoolchildren aged 12-15)
  • Bachillerato - the last two classes of the school are optional and represent a course of preparation for entering the university.
  • 2. Language of instruction: in public schools, instruction is given in the Spanish or local language (Catalonia, Basque Country, Valencia, Galicia). In private schools, English-language programs with electives in Spanish are very popular.

    3. Public and private schools

  • Public schools are fully or partially subsidized by the state or the Catholic Church and are secular. It is quite difficult for a Russian school student to study at a public school: schools of this type do not provide residences, and a residence permit is considered a prerequisite for entering a school. For foreigners, special courses have been developed that prepare schoolchildren from abroad to the Selectividad final exam for the purpose of admission to a Spanish university. Students under this program are resettled in host families and enrolled in any free school in the region.
  • Semi-public schools provide more opportunities for teaching foreign students: in such schools there are more places for foreigners and there may be a residence.
  • Private boarding schools are the most suitable option for Russian schoolchildren. The advantages of private schools in small classes, modern technical equipment, bilingual education, as well as the opportunity to choose the exam between the Spanish Selectividad and the British A-Level . American schools in Barcelona are smaller, but it is theoretically possible to prepare for the American SAT exam .
  • Best Boarding Schools in Barcelona

  • Agora International School Barcelona is a prestigious international school, which has established itself over 20 years of experience as a quality and professional institution, it is included in various tops of the country. The offered programs meet the highest standards, great attention is paid to the development of creative abilities. The cost of training will be from 21000 € per year.
  • The boarding school Boarding School Barcelona is an hour's drive from Barcelona in the cozy Sitges area; Apart from a rich academic program for children, fascinating electives and events have been developed here. The cost of training will be from 10,500 € per semester.
  • Bruguera Tennis Academy - the leading school in the world rankings, which is the forge of big stars from the world of tennis. The programs of the school combine serious academic studies with the upbringing of future champions. The cost of training will be from 4200 € per term.
  • The popular school ES International School Barcelona provides an excellent opportunity to get quality education for those who dream of higher education in the US. The school provides American-style certificates and profound academic knowledge. The cost of training will be from 9500 € per year.
  • Conditions of admission and prices

    As a rule, the schools in Barcelona accept students who have provided a complete package of information about themselves, their language and academic knowledge:

  • Exam by language
  • School-wide test
  • Report card for 2-3 years
  • Characteristics from teachers
  • Perhaps the student is waiting for an interview with a representative of the school.
  • Tuition fees: varies from 8,000 to 20,000 € per term.

    All the necessary information and assistance for admission to the educational institution you can find from the managers of SMAPSE. SMAPSE is the official representative of the schools in Barcelona, so counseling and enrollment services are free of charge.

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