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Schools Abroad, the best high schools abroad for children

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Schools Abroad, the best high schools abroad for children

Education abroad for foreign and Russian children, schoolchildren and adolescents is traditionally considered synonymous with such words as "prestigious" and "qualitative". This is true, since secondary education in a foreign school not only gives the student the opportunity to continue studying abroad, but also to enroll in one of the leading universities in Europe or the world .

In order to make this prospect for the child as possible as possible, the parents of the schoolchild should carefully approach the choice of an average educational institution abroad. And the options here are really enough, because every European country has its own leading and rating schools . These are the educational institutions that from year to year are in demand not only among local residents, but also schoolchildren from different parts of the world.

We will tell you about the most famous and popular secondary schools abroad , falling into the top ten abroad. Each of these anticipations has proven itself in the provision of quality educational services.

The German private school das Schule Birklehof is considered one of the most prestigious in the territory of the German Black Forest region. This private educational institution of joint education was opened in the 30s of the XX century, the founder was Kurt Khan. The pupils of the school are children and teenagers from 11 to 18 years. Of the 200 students, only 10% are foreign students, and the rest are local residents. However, the first to enroll in the das Schule Birklehof will require a confident knowledge of German (not lower than Upper Intermediate), otherwise the educational process will be difficult. The cost of training here will be from 2765 euros per month (on a full board basis).

The American private school The Lawrenceville School was founded in 1820 and since then has been successfully preparing high school students 15-18 years to enter the leading colleges and universities of the United States and not only. Since the school begins its history a long time ago, in its approach to the teaching process it combines respect for historical roots and modern educational trends. In addition, The Lawrenceville School was one of the first schools in the country to offer students the Advanced Placement program. The cost of training at the leading private school, located in the state of Philadelphia, will be from 27675 dollars per semester.

It is one of the most ancient and prestigious British schools - Sevenoaks School was founded in 1432. The educational institution can be called a large one, since it can enroll up to one thousand students, of which one third will be on boarding. This English school is widely known not only on the territory of the country, but also abroad, that's why foreign students from more than 40 countries come here (they make up 10% of the number of pupils). This is one of the first English schools, which more than 30 years ago included in the curriculum of the international course IB. In addition, it is possible to pass the middle classes - the pupils of the school can become children and adolescents from 11 to 18 years. The cost of training will be from 11,493 pounds sterling for a trimester.

The Austrian school St Gilgen International School offers students from 9 to 18 years of age to receive secondary education in German or English. This is a prestigious educational institution with an excellent reputation, which is annually confirmed by academic successes of graduates. During the year up to 250 people study here, and during the summer holidays there is a language camp on the basis of the school. St Gilgen International School is the only institution of secondary education in the country that has its own student city: the campus of the school almost completely occupies the territory of the settlement of St. Gilgen, in which it is located. The cost of training here is from 43,000 euros for the academic year.

The famous private school, located in the French part of Switzerland, meets the high standards of this European education. Every year foreign students from different countries, aged from 9 to 18 years old, come here, representing more than 50 nationalities and cultures. At the same time, a rather high percentage of Russian students here: about half of the total number of 350 people. The main value of the college is building literate relationships both between the students themselves and the teacher-student dialogue. A comfortable and friendly environment is created here, which helps students achieve the highest results in their studies. Tuition fees range from 36,835 Swiss francs per academic year.

This is a prestigious private boarding school in Canada, which offers foreign and Russian students from 12 to 18 years all stages of secondary education: Middle school, Upper school, Senior school. About 750 children and adolescents are enrolled here, more than 80% of which are successfully enrolled in selected universities within the country and not only. Graduates of the school are her main pride. The cost of training at Appleby College will be from 69440 Canadian dollars for the academic year.

One of the most famous educational institutions is not only in Britain, but all over the world. One of the key features is that only boys can learn here. The college was founded by the royal family, as a place where children from simple families can get education. Today, about 1300 students from 13 to 18 are studying here. Eton College is considered a real place for the birth of representatives of the intelligentsia in the field of science, culture, politics, and not only. The cost of training in one of the leading and elite British schools is from 11,478 pounds sterling for one trimester.

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