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The reform of the higher education system in Italy: everything for foreign students

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The reform of the higher education system in Italy: everything for foreign students

In 2012, the reform of the higher education system began in Italy . At the universities of the country there were programs on English . In addition, a large number of specialized portals and information resources were created to attract foreign students. According to analysts, the reform will change the image of higher education in Italy. Universities will receive effective tools to attract students.

New Standards for Italian Higher Education for Foreigners

Education reform is a necessary thing for the further development of the system, Minister F. Profumo has repeatedly stated. The main goal of the reform was the internationalization of universities. Italian universities strive today to train specialists who are competitive in the world labor market.

As part of the reform, special departments for work with foreign students are being set up in the country's universities. For those who wish to study in English, optimal conditions for admission and academic development are created. In particular, applicants will not have to take a test of language skills in Italy. Under an agreement with Cambridge, they can obtain a certificate at home. SAE and CPE are recognized by all Italian universities, are not subject to verification, in contrast to TOEFL or IELTS.

Applicants can get acquainted with the curriculum, the conditions of admission to universities on the portalStudy in Italy .

Reform in Action

English-language programs for masters and graduate students have already appeared at the Polytechnic University of Milan. About 3 million euros were invested in the development of the project. For its implementationPolitecnico di Milano it was required to attract 150 foreign specialists of pedagogical profile.

The management of the educational institution believes that the reform of education gives a new impetus to the higher schools of Italy, stimulates their development. SpecialistsPolitecnico di Milano are confident that the universities of the country in a short time will be able to reach the international level.

World experts in the field of education also note the need to reform the system in Italy. But they consider the realization of the project possible if important conditions are met: the abolition of the compulsory examination in Italian for foreign students and the preservation of the affordable cost of education on bachelor, master's, post-graduate programs.

In terms of attractiveness for applicants from abroad, Italy is now in 4th place afterof England , of Germany , of France . The country offers programs worth 2-10 thousand euros per year. As for directions, most often foreign students choose economics and management. Particularly popular are the Italian schools of design, with a status equivalent to universities.

International Universities of Italy

Journalists La Repubblica conducted a study to determine the actual level of internationalization of today's Italian universities. The highest score was awarded to the Turin Polytech. Also, many foreign students study at the universities of Bologna, Florence, Padua. Among the universities with a contingent of 20-40 thousand students, the leaders in terms of internationalization were the universities of Genoa, Perugia and Pavia.

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