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Advantages of working with us

Advantages of working with us

SMAPSE is a client-oriented project. We offer consulting services, comprehensive support of the process of getting education abroad. Many decide in our favor due to several advantages of the company.

Competitive price

Our prices for study are identical to prices of private educational institutions abroad. You do not have to overpay for the enrolment services. Why? Because the enrolment for you is free! We are not intermediaries and do not charge money for enrollment services. Our services are paid by foreign educational institutions - partners.

In addition, we offer training in universities (programs of higher education institutions), private schools, language camps and vacations for children and schoolchildren, courses at special prices. Favorable partnerships with providers of educational services allow us to provide our customers with savings on registration fees.

Unlike other Russian agencies, we do not charge additional fees and fees for the selection of an educational institution, which will save tens, if not thousands of dollars. A set of services you choose yourself.

Time saving

It is convenient to work with us. You do not have an opportunity to come to our office? We will give you all correspondence by telecommunication channels.

We offer a wide range of educational solutions. We cooperate with more than 500 accredited foreign educational institutions around the world. Consultations on the selection of the program, the educational institution, the conditions of admission are free. The amount of professional consulting assistance you choose yourself.

We offer high-quality service. Individual clients approach allows us to solve specific tasks, such as organization of transfer abroad, selection of the place of residence, supervising of the student during the study period, search for guardians abroad, etc.

Special offers

Special offers for children, youth, and adult groups allow our clients to save money. The cost of the program for groups is calculated individually. We select language courses for schoolchildren, students, teachers, corporate employees. Specificity of programs, their duration, start/end dates are determined by the requirements and wishes of a concrete client. In addition, for group bookings we offer free accommodation and meals for attendants.

We are always in touch. You choose the method of communication. We are available by email, phone, skype, facetime, watsapp, viber.

Foreseeable prospects

The SMAPSE project is an opportunity to receive quality advanced, academic education in counries - the world market leaders:England, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Czech Republic, etc. We select pre-school, school coursework centers, universities and colleges for clients with different budgets. Full-time and online programs will allow everyone who wants to fulfill their dream, whether it's learning English and vacation abroad or getting a fundamental education.

If you value the quality of education and understand that foreign experience and diploma - the opportunity to get not only high-paying work, but also to legally continue to migrate to the desired country, contact us and translate your goals into reality.

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Hello! We wanted to know information about the summer schools in England. Daughter 13 years old wants to study at Cambridge
I would like to know about schools in England for my son. He is now 7, we want to start from 11-12.
Smapse Manager
George, good afternoon! Thank you for contacting SMAPS! We will be happy to choose a school in England for your son. To do this, please write to us at
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