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 We enroll in the universities of the Czech Republic and Prague - a short list of requirements

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 We enroll in the universities of the Czech Republic and Prague - a short list of requirements

The process of admission to a Czech university almost does not differ from the standard process in different countries, but everywhere there are nuances that you need to know and competently fulfill all requirements.

Prerequisites for admission to the university

Nostrification of the diploma / certificate

To begin with, you need to pass the nostrification, namely the confirmation of your certificate of secondary school education. The procedure for nostrification is quite serious. Since in the Czech Republic the school curriculum differs from the Russian one, the Czechs may find that in your curriculum there were too few hours for one or another subject. You provide your curriculum (with the number of hours for each subject), and the commission assigns you to pass examinations on subjects whose number of hours it seems insufficient. Usually it is 2-3 school subjects. For those who already have one higher education, confirmation of the diploma will be required.

Knowledge of Czech at B2 level

If you enter a state university on a free basis, for admission and further study you will need a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language at least level B2. Such a certificate can be obtained only after completing speciallanguage courses . The main task is to determine the university and the specialty for which you plan to enter. As a rule, when applying for humanitarian courses, it is necessary to pass one additional foreign language exam.

As for the choice of university and specialty, there is a big plus in the Czech system - application is unlimited! This means that you can apply to several universities for several different specialties. Or in one university in different directions. Ultimately, with the successful passing of all exams, you will have the opportunity to choose from several options the most worthy at your discretion.

Summary: As you can see, there are no obstacles for foreigners entering the universities of the Czech Republic and, in particular, Prague. Of course, this is only a short list of the necessary requirements for admission, but by doing so you can enter the Czech higher education institution and get a European education, including free education.

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