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Admission to London University Brunel without IELTS!

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Admission to London University Brunel without IELTS!

Brunel University Great offer for students who do not have time to pass 3 ###### IELTS exam or were dissatisfied with its results - prestigious University of Brunel 6 ###### (London, United Kingdom ) now accepts Russian students on the basis of Results of the internal language test!

What is the peculiarity of the internal exam?

  • It can be delivered directly to our office by prior appointment, not only in Russia, but also in other CIS countries (please check with managers for details)
  • The structure exam is similar in many respects to the traditional IELTS and lasts 2 hours. The key difference is the new Grammar unit
  • The difficulty corresponds to the 4.5-5.0 IELTS exams - its results are accepted as when applying for a bachelor's degree, And when enrolling for a master's degree
  • You pay only the cost of sending the examination forms by courier services.

If you have already applied for admission to Brunel University , but do not have time to pass IELTS - this is your chance! The results of the internal exam will be known only a week after the delivery.

Why exactly Brunel University ?

  • The 1st place in London, the 4th in the UK and the 29th in the world (according to TOP-100 ratings that were compiled over the last 50 years)
  • This is the only university in the English capital with a full campus, residences and a diverse infrastructure
  • Many specialties are in the national TOP-20: for example, engineering, management Ment, design
  • Graduates occupy the 13th place in terms of starting salary after graduation (data from the Sunday Times Good University Guide)
  • The opportunity to go through sandwich courses (one-year employment in the third year) is an excellent opportunity for production practice, saving training costs, forming business ties And dating
  • On a number of bachelor's specialties students are accepted immediately, without prior passage of the Foundation. These are: Business Computing / Computer Science, Business and Management, Economics and Finance.

Take advantage of your chance of just getting into one of the best British universities!

  1. What programs do you use based on the test? We accept for all available programs: Foundation, First Year, Pre-masters
  2. How does the internal test affect the visa? We enroll the student on the basis of the test, in KAS we prescribe that the level of the language is checked by the university. IELTS is also not required for a visa.

We also remind you , We accept documents for admission to the September Institute in our UK universities until the second week of September. Applications are accepted from students with failed British qualifications (IB, GCSE, ALevels).

The following are additional benefits of our programs:

  • Admission to the first course without foundation
  • One CAS & amp; One visa for the entire period of study, in contrast to other institutions where you have to return home for a visa extension
  • There are no deadlines for filing Documents, enrollment and start of training three times a year
  • Guaranteed progression to the university unlike most other programs
  • Additional support and assistance in the adaptation.
  • The actual requirements for admission are: a certificate, IELTS and an application, the examination period is a maximum of 2 days.
  • Absence Need to pass national admission Examinations in other countries.
  • Ability to pass additional language training with further admission to the academic program
  • Students immediately get the status of a university student from the first day
  • Internships and employment (meet the requirements of UKVI) in the university career center, which will help the student to make a resume, prepare for the interview and will offer options for work in the specialty. From the first day of training, a student can work up to 20 hours a week, an average salary of 700 pounds a month!
  • All state universities

To enter the university, write to:

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