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Holidays for young people abroad

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Holidays for young people abroad

Today young people have hundreds of different possibilities for recreation anywhere in the world, from Europe to popular seasonal resorts.

At the same time, not everyone knows that being abroad, you can spend this time not only with pleasure, but also use. For example, combine a summer vacation at the sea or in any other popular place with learning English. Now summer language courses offer private schools , language centers and international camps located in different parts of the world - in Malta, in England , United States , Italy, Ireland 10 ######, Canada , France, the Netherlands, Switzerland , the Czech Republic and not only. As you can see, the choice is quite rich.

What are students doing in language camps abroad? Here, young people can entertain themselves from the heart, while learning a foreign language in a society of friends-foreigners. In language camps, excursions and entertainment are complemented by language classes, but not vice versa. And you can train communication skills almost around the clock, communicating with others, teachers, fellow students and friends. It's no secret that with informal communication, the language is learned as well, as in academic studies. Therefore, for best results, we recommend practicing communication constantly, with everyone around.

At the same time, you can find a suitable camp for training both on Sea, and in the center of a megacity or in a foreign country with quiet streets. It is also worth noting that despite the atmosphere of rest and a relatively short period (from a week to a month), the educational process in the language camp is organized at the level of foreign private schools , and therefore qualitatively. Teachers are trained here, a certain number of hours per week is allocated for studying a language, students are tested on the day of arrival to determine the starting level of the language for distribution by groups and so on. Therefore, the probability that these few weeks will pass for you for nothing is very small.

Plus, on the language vacation courses there is Programs with different training loads, so if you still want to take a tightly to English, you can choose a more intensive program: 15-20 hours a week a standard course, 20-30 hours - an intensive course. Classes are held in the morning, after lunch there is time for sports leisure (football, volleyball, etc.), and in the evening for students language school various entertainment events are organized. If you choose a language camp near the sea, in the evenings young people will be entertained at beach parties, discotheques in the open air and barbecues.

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