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Organization of training in schools in England, USA, Switzerland, Austria, France, Canada

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Organization of training in schools in England, USA, Switzerland, Austria, France, Canada

If you decide to give your child education abroad - this is already an important step towards securing his future. Modern education abroad is an opportunity to build a successful career in the international community, to become a popular and qualified specialist in its field, to master the subtleties of the chosen profession.

But every parent who made such a decision immediately faces a lot of questions: how to choose a school, how to collect documents, what terms of application, how to make a visa, etc. We will help to organize admission and enrollment in the best schoolsof England , of the United States , of Switzerland , of Austria , of France , of Canada : Us, and all the complex moments will fall on our shoulders!

Assistance in organizing study abroad can be divided into several stages:

1) Choice of educational institution and program

At the first meetings our specialist will find out your wishes, goals, requests and opportunities, Will clarify the level of knowledge and language training of the student - and already based on these criteria will select for you the country, city, educational institution and program. We always practice a personal approach - you can be sure that our help in organizing the training will be personalized, focused exclusively on your requests and wishes.

2) Collection of documents

Each school has its own deadline for applications, and our specialist will certainly clarify them for you. Usually the package of documents submitted to schools includes the following:

  • Passport (copy)
  • Language Test Certificate (IELTS or TOEFL )
  • A report card with grades from the previous place of training
  • A completed application (sample can be found on the site of the selected institution)
  • 999.23] Motivation letter
  • Recommendations from teachers, class teacher, director.

Some documents may ask you in addition, but the overall composition is approximately the same for all schools in England, USA, Switzerland, Austria, France, Canada. We will tell you how to quickly and easily issue these documents for admission, we will carry out their professional translation and sending to school. Also our specialist can tell you about the structure and featuresmotivational letter : it is always written by the student in person, but our work experience allows us to give valuable recommendations on its composition and content.

3) Visa processing

Once an invitation is received from the selected institution, you can start the visa process. We can help you by writing to the Consulate or Embassy at a time convenient for you.

Smapse can also order other additional services: for example, to book comfortable air tickets, arrange transfers, pick up an acceptable option of accommodation, etc. E. We strive to make your process of admission as easy as possible, taking the basic work with documents, communication with schools, transferring to oneself. We note that our consultations and assistance in enrollment are absolutely free: with all the schools represented on our portal, we work as official representatives, partners, and not intermediaries - it helps you to save significant funds!

Ask for help in Smapse - and education abroad will get closer!

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