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Training in prestigious foreign universities: the features of knowledge assessment

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Training in prestigious foreign universities: the features of knowledge assessment

The mere fact of having a foreign diploma means little to employers. Much more important is the graduate's rating at the time of graduation, so in the process of studying, the level of achievement is paid close attention.

Those who wish to receive a "head start" upon admission to the universitythe prestigious school , which is in the top-ten, or claims for its financial support (this is also possible), should know the peculiarities of assessing the knowledge of applicants and students.

It is logical to assume that the more prestigious the institution, the higher the entry point. When applying for a high score, it is desirable to "attach" experience or information about the internships that have been completed.

In general, the principle of assessing knowledge, which is shared by almost all prestigious American schools, is to get the status of the best of the best. The ranking of students is in percentage terms. For example, when composing a resume, graduates use the phrase: "top 5% the class" . This indicates that at the time of the issuance of the applicant for the position was among the 5% of the best students of the school.

It is for such students that one can hope for financial assistance from the university to such an extent that it can cover all the costs of training. High "reputation" at the admission - "half bad". Having enrolled, the student must constantly excel in his studies, tirelessly striving to raise his level.

The main feature, which for ordinary students, by the way, is not only for Russian, is an innovation, is that the ranking occurs even among the honors students. That is, the desire to be the best of the best is welcomed.

5% are students who got an A rating on the background of the total number of "five-sided" students. Some part will receive "B", some "C" and "D". This assessment system is fundamentally different from the ranking in conventional universities, why many people question the level of "dashnikov" who, for example,Stanford , comparing it with the qualification of "solid" students who are less well-known than universities.

Law and order

Many students naturally "warp" from how scrupulouslyAmerica refers to the independence of students in passing exams. Here, not only will not they be allowed to write off, but they will also inform about the "unrighteous" behavior of their colleagues in school by the school administration. That is, "knocking", as it would be called in Russia, in prestigious schools is a means of eliminating competitors, while it is not considered a shameful act, on the contrary, characterizes the student positively.

Exceptional law abiding somewhat offends people who have grown up in other conditions and brought up under other laws of "being," nevertheless, not having learned this behavior, to study into the American school , especially to become the best of the best, is unlikely to succeed.

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