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Teaching a child abroad, studying children abroad

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Teaching a child abroad, studying children abroad

In today's dynamic world, much is changing and irretrievably goes to the past. However, some values still remain a priority, despite the trends of time and fashion, and a good education is one of them. Studying abroad has been considered the best solution for those who want to give their children a really high quality and perspective education for many years.

However, let's not forget that for foreigners, especially the youngest ones, such "dream education" may not be the easiest: a new environment, a different language and program, a change of environment - all this with unaccustomedness can expose your child to serious Stress. But there is a way out to soften the process of transition and habituation, if you have firmly decided that your child should study abroad.

At what age can I start studying abroad?

This question, in general, there is no unambiguous answer: some experts insist that the training should be started as early as possible, while others say that , That it is better to transfer the child abroad not earlier than the children will finish the primary school in Russia.

This divergence of opinion is due to several factors, including too early separation from parents (not every child can be prepared for it), the need for custody and support. It's another matter if the whole family lives abroad - in this case, the child can be safely given to educational centers or institutions corresponding to age.

Thus, the optimal time to start studying abroad can be considered the transition of the child to secondary school, that is, from the age of 10-12 years.

Secondary education abroad

So, in Great Britain the training at this stage lasts until 16 years, after which each child passes the final exam, due to which he receives GCSE (certificate of secondary education). After that, the teenager can either continue studying (from 16 to 18 years) and then enrollUniversity or start your career path.

The process of enrolling in a school abroad

What should one do to become a student of a foreign school [ 999.22]? The scheme is very similar in most institutions, and more detailed with the requirements can always be found on the official website of the school. Also note that the more prestigious the school and the higher its rating, the more difficult it may be the process of admission. The enrollment abroad is not as fast as ours - from the moment you apply to the school and until your child's arrival, it may take several months or even years.

So, first you select a few schools that you think are the most suitable for your child, and then send an application there (this is a package of documents, which will be discussed later) - preferably at least six months before the start of the school year. Typically, if the request was sent between January and February, it will be processed from May to June. Potential students undergo a personal interview, pass a test to determine the level of knowledge, after which, based on all collected data, the selection committee forms a psychological portrait of the student and decides on enrollment.

There is good news: if in response to your application comes a refusal, do not despair ahead of time - it is not excluded that there will be a shortage in the school, and then those who for some reason did not pass initially .

Thus, we recommend starting preparation somewhere in a year: to study schools, to look at the requirements for admission, if necessary, to increase knowledge (including the skill of owning the necessary foreign language), take the test and wait for a reply letter .

The package of documents

The exact list of necessary documents is specified by the school administration, and approximately it looks like this:

We are ready to help you with choosing the right school and to advise you for free Issue!

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