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Training of hotel and restaurant business - courses in hotel business in Switzerland

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Training of hotel and restaurant business - courses in hotel business in Switzerland

Hotel management, restaurant business and tourism education in Switzerland

Hospitality, restaurant education and hotel business in Switzerland are chosen by people who are ambitious and active, able to quickly navigate in new circumstances, Get new impressions and work with people from all over the world - both with colleagues and with guests.Higher education abroad and specifically in Switzerland - culinary education, training in tourism abroad or event management in Switzerland - opens up wide opportunities for its graduates, and therefore invariably enjoys high demand among Russian and foreign students.

It is abroad - or rather, in Switzerland - the study of hotel, hotel or restaurant services are most focused on the practical application of knowledge. It aims to educate successful managers who are able to cope with any side of business: it is not for nothing that future specialists who have chosen, for example, hotel universities in Switzerland, start their production practices and internships from the lowest positions (for example, the employee at the reception). This allows you to sharpen the acquired skills obtained in theoretical studies, to establish valuable business contacts and connections, to receive proposals for work or until the end of the university. And internships are always paid: this is a great way to save a little on the cost of study and earn personal expenses.

Students who choose hotel schools and hotel institutes in Switzerland make a fast and successful career: some prefer to work in world networks and international corporations, some open their business. They are united by a deep knowledge of the business, thoroughness and attention to detail, attentive approach and professionalism - that's what distinguishes hotel education and training hospitality abroad.

Culinary art in Switzerland

Many Russian students choose culinary training abroad and go for this to French or Swiss profile schools. Cooking in Switzerland is almost equivalent to art: it is a full-fledged education that distinguishes an enormous amount of practical work, permanent internships and help in the best kitchens in the world. Cooking training abroad can be conducted under different programs: from short-term courses to the baccalaureate, you can also get a master's degree, combining culinary arts and restaurant education.

Experts who studied culinary arts abroad, subsequently open their successful restaurants and get the cherished Michelin stars, become renowned restaurant critics, produce their own books of recipes and TV programs.

Hospitality in Switzerland - the best hotel academies and universities

Perhaps, it is the hotel industry in Switzerland that is most in demand among foreign students and students. This is easily explained: according to the latest world statistics, by 2020 more than 10% of the world's vacancies will be concentrated in the sphere of "Tourist Business" and "Hotel Education" - and in these specialties Switzerland firmly occupies the first place in the educational system.

Students who have chosen hotel universities in Switzerland are offered a wide choice of programs and courses. You can study in preparatory or short-term courses of professional development, choose a bachelor's or master's degree, get an MBA degree - training in tourism abroad is invariably interesting, exciting and promising. Students are expected to have a variety of production practices, internships, business trips around the world, work in the best international companies and corporations, exchange education in Europe and Asia is an eventful life, so far from boring days in the office!

The teaching courses offered by hotel universities in Switzerland are diverse:

  • Hotel management
  • Tourist business and hospitality technology
  • Restaurant business
  • Culinary arts
  • Cruise management
  • Spa management
  • Event management Event-management in Switzerland)
  • Golf management and sports management in general in Switzerland.

There are a few of Switzerland's most famous schools and universities teaching hospitality, tourism and restaurant education:

These schools are constantly cooperating with the national And international organizations: networks of hotels, restaurants and training centers, major tourist offices and business organizations. Students are offered only the best, most profitable and promising opportunities for internships and practice: companies are interested in young qualified specialists and often make pupils proposals for employment even before the end of the university.

Tuition fees in Switzerland

Such sought-after specialties as hospitality, tourism, culinary and restaurant business in Switzerland will certainly not be Cost cheap. On average, hotel universities and academies in Switzerland will require CHF 22,000-27,000 per academic semester (half-year). Yes, it's quite expensive, but remember - you will have the opportunity to earn on permanent internships, and all educational loans will be paid off in the first years of work after graduation. The diploma awarded by the best hotel universities in Switzerland is highly valued and serves as a ticket to a successful international community.

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