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Nota Simple - extract from the register of real estate

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Nota Simple - extract from the register of real estate

Nota Simple is a special extract formed from the Spanish Real Estate Register: it includes a brief information about the legal status of the property, information about the owner (one or more), the status of the rights to this property. It is purely informative: it can clarify the real owner of the property, check the object for certain restrictions.

The statement was created to provide the most reliable information about real estate for third parties, not to create confusion when handing over / hiring / buying / selling, to prevent fraud and deception, also a document is required to apply for long-term study visa to Spain.

Anyone who has a legitimate interest in a particular object can obtain this information-it does not matter, legal or natural person. The statement is issued in any office of the Real Estate Register at the location of the desired object (in paper form) or an electronic application is made - and you receive it in the form of a letter to your e-mail. Regardless of how you request an extract - in person or electronically - you need to clearly substantiate the reason and reason for your interest, clarify the need for information.

Often Nota Simple receive persons who are required to confirm ownership, prove solvency (through the availability of real estate).

The reference may differ in its format depending on the office of the Real Estate Register, have a different design, but the main content remains unchanged:

  • Description: residential / non-residential, location, area
  • Data on the owner (one or more) - full name and surname, ownership form, percentage, contract type
  • [ 999.15] Information on the existing restrictions: information on active mortgages, debt obligations, etc.
  • The registration data of the object
  • The data of the lawyer or notary who issued the document and the date of registration
  • Documents awaiting registration (optional, only if there are any).
  • [ 999.23]
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