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Non-linguistic camps in England, the USA, Great Britain

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Non-linguistic camps in England, the USA, Great Britain

If you select of the seasonal language course , many stop at combined programs that combine language lessons with a rich leisure, entertainment, sports or sightseeing program. But do not forget that there are also non-linguistic camps inUK and USA , which will be especially useful for those students who already know the language well enough and want to improve its individual aspects.

What is a non-language camp?

This is a seasonal course that provides only a thematic focus. It can be a sports camp (for example, football or tennis, rugby or horse riding), sightseeing program (visiting the sights of the host country), adventure and hiking, active recreational activities. The components of the so-called Activity depend on the location of the training center and the degree of equipping the campus.

In this case the language is studied not in the classroom and without the help of textbooks: children develop linguistic knowledge and skills in the process of live communication, in the course of performing various tasks, during activities and interesting activities. Such training is suitable for those students who already have a fairly good level of knowledge, since there is no detailed study of grammar, vocabulary, no textbooks, no homework, and no classroom lessons. A non-language camp will be an excellent option if you want to improve communication or speech features, overcome the language barrier, expand your vocabulary, want to travel without difficulty and communicate with native speakers, and maintain a lively conversation on various topics.

In addition, the international atmosphere and the almost complete absence of Russian-speaking students are a special plus. In an atmosphere of complete language immersion, you can more intensively progress in the language, learn not only to speak, but also to think in a foreign language.

What non-language camps exist?

Similar courses are organized for the most diverse categories of students: there are options for schoolchildren, children and teenagers, camps for students. For your convenience, we chose several of the best options, indicated their prices and costs. Most non-linguistic camps are organized in England or the United States: these countries have long established themselves as flagships of modern education, so you can be assured of the quality and effectiveness of the programs offered.

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