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German universities: rating on the qualifications of graduates

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German universities: rating on the qualifications of graduates

The Wirtschafts Woche magazine published the annual ranking of German universities . It was based on a survey of 500 reputable recruiters and HR experts on which universities in the country produce the most qualified specialists. Rating was made in categories:

  • natural sciences;
  • jurisprudence;
  • computer science;
  • engineering;
  • economics.

Himself the journal .

The best universities in Germany

In the category of economics, engineering (including electrical engineering and machine building), the leader was one of the most prestigious institutions of the country - Aachen University of Technology. A little behind him in the ranking of Universität Mannheim, who received university status in 1967. The former Higher School of Trade came out on the first place in the country by the qualification of graduates specializing in studying the economy of enterprises and the social economy.

In the field of informatics, the rating leader was Karlsruhe Technical Institute. It was here that for the first time in the country in 1969 a diploma of an information technology specialist was issued. In economic informatics, Technische Uni München was the leader. This same university was the second in the ranking by the qualification of specialists in the field of natural sciences.

The best lawyers in Germany, according to the latest research of experts, are issued by the University of Ludwig-Maximilian (Munich). The second in the field of jurisprudence was the Westphalian University named after Wilhelm (Munster).

The TOP-10 in all fields of science included Technische Uni Dresden and Technische Uni Berlin. High grades of graduates' qualifications from year to year are also demonstrated by the universities of Cologne, Bonn, Stuttgart.

German universities - the choice of Russian students

German universities are among the most attractive for Russian students in Europe. They differ in the optimal ratio of the cost and quality of education. German diplomas are highly quoted in the world. Graduates of German universities usually do not have problems with employment.

The holder of a German diploma (a foreigner) has a number of privileges. One of the main ones is the opportunity to seek work in Germany within a year after graduation. Get a job is not difficult, especially graduates of technical faculties.

Education in Germany has an affordable cost. In universities, the payment for a semester starts from 600 euros. For comparison, in Australia orBritain The minimum indicator of the cost of a year's study at the rating university is $ 10,000.

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