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Cheap, budget schools in France

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Cheap, budget schools in France

The key principles of the French educational system were formed some 100 years ago. Since then, and to our days, these postulates remain unchanged. At the same time, secondary schools do not forget to supplement their educational traditions with modern methods and follow the latest trends. These features rightfully make the French education system one of the best in Europe.

In France, studies at high school last 13 years and are compulsory for all citizens of the country. There are relatively few separate schools, and in the vast majority of educational establishments girls and boys study together. The doors of French educational institutions are also always open to students from other countries.

Secondary schools are divided into private and public schools, with the former much smaller than in other European countries - no more than 17% of private schools in the segment of primary and secondary education. It is worth noting that when compared with schoolsAmerica or England , the cost of training in French schools is slightly lower. At the same time, the quality of education corresponds to the necessary European standards. Studies in France provide an excellent opportunity not only to get a really high-quality and prestigious education, but also to become more familiar with the rich and rich culture of this country.

One way to give your child an unforgettable life experience is to give him to study at a school in France . And we are ready to tell you about several options, the education in which will please the parents with the ratio of the budget necessary for studying and the excellent quality of education.

As already mentioned, the private institutions in France are much smaller than the state ones, so we will pay close attention At those educational institutions, which in France are many times greater.

So, the pupils of the upper grades will happily take to themselves the public school Lycée Bourg Chevreau St Anne , located in the western part of France. Also an excellent option is the schoolLycée Saint Joseph - it is located in the town of Oloron Sainte Marie, and not so long ago was completely restored. Suitable for students not only senior, but also middle classes. Similar to the age criteria, there is an educational institution in another location - the large city of Nantes, located on the Atlantic coast. This is a public schoolLycée Blanche de Castille .

The price range of tuition fees in the listed schools is in the region from 5800 € to 8500 € for one semester (half-year). As you can see, there is something to choose from.

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