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Cheap, budget schools in Ireland

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Cheap, budget schools in Ireland

Historically, the educational system in this country was formed under the influence of England . For the same reason, the English language has spread on the Irish land, which is more popular in Ireland today than the original language - Irish Gaelic.

Thus, the now well-known Irish traditions and rules in the field of education were once taken from the British system. And modern Ireland is recognized as one of the safest countries in Europe with a dynamic development and a progressive view in all spheres of life. Therefore, it is not surprising that Irish schools and universities today have worldwide recognition.

However, education in Ireland is also widely known as much less expensive than English. Therefore, if you want your child to get a secondary education that is not inferior to the British in quality and at the same time more affordable in terms of price, then your choice -the school in Ireland .

I must say that the choice of secondary schools in Ireland is quite large - there are more than 800. Most of them private, and 10% of the total - It's boarding schools. They organize training and accommodation for students from other countries. The campuses of such schools are located in places directly related to the history of Ireland, which makes them particularly attractive for foreigners.

Here are a few Irish secondary schools that meet the above criteria:

For example, Midleton College is a school located in the city of Cork. Such an educational institution is perfect for middle and high school students. No less successful option for study, everyone can find in the city of Monaghan, 130 kilometers from Dublin - a school with the same nameMonaghan Collegiate School.

One of the most inexpensive secondary schools is located in the city in the north of the country: the cost of tuition for a semester at Royal School Cavan is about 10195 €. Another excellent school is located in the south-west of the country in the county of Kerry. True, the cost of training inBrookfield College is slightly higher than in the previous institution - from 18695 € per semester.

In general, the average cost of study in primary and secondary education in Ireland is in the range of 15-17000 € per semester. Agree, this alignment at prices looks much more attractive than in Britain.

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