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Primary education in England

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Primary education in England

It's not a secret for anyone that this educational level in Britain is quite different from the one in our country. And the main difference lies in the very approach to learning: the primary classes in England are aimed at developing in children creative skills and curiosity towards the world around them. And this is done, as a rule, not at the expense of memorization, but at the expense of different tasks that children perform, dividing into pairs or groups. And of course, the status of British education, formed and earned for several centuries, still plays its role here.

Elementary schools in England: cost and list

In the UK children's education can begin from 4-5 years. Pupils of this age begin their way of the schoolboy from the so-called reception class, which in fact is a preparatory stage for the first class. At the base of some schoolsthere are even kindergartens, where children can be given at the age of 2-3 years. It is worth noting that the above options are used at the request of parents, but from the age of 5-6, education is already mandatory.

Do not worry about the fact that your child will start learning so early. Education in primary classes in England is more like a kindergarten in Russia: children play a lot during the day, time for walking, drawing, singing and other creative pursuits is allocated. As a rule, there are not even ratings and homework. You can always find out from the teacher about what successes your child makes and how it adapts. In this school, even at such a young age already affects the socialization of the child, his ability to communicate with a variety of classmates and, of course, helps to improve the level of English.

Choosing a school for a child depends more on what it is: character, hobbies, favorite pursuits and subjects. It can not be said that in England there is one best school, because here every educational institution is at a decent level. Therefore, choosing the appropriate option for your child, be guided by him and his opportunities - territorial and financial. Of course, elite schools have the appropriate prices for training, but in Britain there are options that are suitable for any requests. We are ready to tell you about prestigious elementary schools in England with the best conditions:

  • One of these is in the suburbs of Brighton - a private school Cottesmore (Cottesmore School ), which accepts students from 7 to 13 years. This educational institution accommodates up to 150 schoolchildren: this chamber environment helps create an almost family atmosphere without loss of quality of study. The equipment of the school at the highest level: the territory has everything you need, from the dining room to the various sports grounds.
  • Another school with a similar age category (7-13 years) is also located near Brighton in the town of Windscham -Windlesham House School. There are a little more students studying here - about 250 people. The local program is rich and exciting both in terms of academic studies, and in relation to recreation and entertainment.
  • One of the elite British schools - Clayesmore school - is located in the south of England in Dorset. This educational institution accepts to itself not only pupils of primary classes, but also middle and senior. Thus, the age of schoolchildren here is in the range from 3 to 18 years. From 8-9 years old, you can stay at a boarding house. Claysmoor cheekbones offers its students a study of classical British programs, which allows graduates to easily enter selected universities, even if it's Oxford or Cambridge.
  • A little more scale at one of the most popular British schoolsQueen Ethelburga's College . On its vast territory, located in Yorkshire, more than 1000 pupils are engaged in the age of from 3 to 18 years (boarding house with 5 years). Here the children of monarchs, world-famous politicians, diplomats, lawyers and other representatives of the higher circles are trained.
  • One of the oldest British schools (King's School Rochester) is located in the picturesque city of Rochester. In the cathedral school children and teenagers from 11 to 18 years old are studying, only about 550 students. The pupils of the private school of King's Rochester from year to year show outstanding results of examinations, which allows this institution to be considered the best in the county of Kent.
  • There are other schools in England with similar parameters: for example, in the capital of the country you are waiting for Skola International Community School ICS . This international educational center, uniting students from all over the world, is one of the best educational institutions in London offering a program of preparation for undergraduate studies at each level of secondary education.

We should not forget that in Britain, very strict attitude to the presence of a mentor in schoolchildren is a prerequisite for foreign students at the legislative level. Therefore, you can be sure that in any of these schools your child will have an adult friend who will look after him and always help if necessary.

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