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Primary schools in England, primary classes in Britain

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Primary schools in England, primary classes in Britain

In order to outline the features of education in the initial school of Great Britain , the opinion of a professional is best suited. This article was formed on the basis of an interview with Richard Merriman, director of Foremarke Hall, one of the best junior schools in the UK.

Why choose elementary schools in England

So, choosing an educational path for your child is one of the most important decisions in the life of any parent. British schools , especially private boarding schools , have long enjoyed a well-deserved reputation among students all over the world: the British quality of education has long become an international benchmark and role model. By attending junior school, young students begin to reveal their academic potential from an early age and choose for themselves priority, the most interesting fields of science or art. In addition, a good junior school develops in the child valuable personal and leadership qualities, forms a stable motivation for learning and development, increases adaptability and curiosity.

Junior students in the UK fall into the comfortable, safe and comfortable environment of the boarding school. All additional classes take place in the evenings or on weekends, leaving enough time for a relaxed or active rest, sports, communication with peers. An important fact: in each residence teachers and educators tend to settle children from different countries, different nationalities - this simplifies the immersion process in a new cultural and language environment, helps to quickly overcome the language barrier and speak freely in English.

Advantages of Russian schoolchildren

As practice shows, Russian schoolchildren are very active, sociable, they easily make new acquaintances, join the academic and extracurricular activities of the campus. For students with an insufficiently high level of English, there are always supportive courses "English as a foreign language", which allows filling in the knowledge gaps in a short time. In addition, Russian students in Britain are known for their good manners and behavior - they often become an example for other students.

When is it best to enter primary schools in the UK?

As a rule, British junior private schools accept foreign students in grades 5-6 (this is the age of 9-10 years). This is the optimal age for full-fledged intensive development, plus there is less chance that separation from home, parents and habitual surroundings will cause stress. Enrolling in an English school in 9-10 years, the child will have time to raise the level of English and prepare for the first serious exams - Common Entrance - which will allow him to move to middle and senior classes.

By sending a child to study in the primary classes in the UK, you will give a solid foundation for the development of his future - for education in the UK opens the door to a successful international career, a highly paid and prestigious position.

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