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Medical Universities of Germany

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Medical Universities of Germany

1) Universität Heidelberg.

This is the oldest university in the country , founded as far back as 1836. There are 12 faculties, separate centers for the study of neurology and biochemistry, a center for social investment, cancer research; A separate clinic and faculty of medicine, the Institute of Public Health and the Institute of Mental Health. The best indicator of the quality of education is the 10 Nobel laureates who have been trained in these walls.

2) Technical University of Munich.

The country's largest university: the total number of specialties reaches 132. Here, in Munich , prestigious, interesting and dynamic teaching is welcomed. For the medical direction there is a separate major faculty and clinic, there is a separate center for heart disease and a children's center, and for effective education there are 10 large, voluminous libraries with a huge variety of specialized literature and materials.

3) Charite University Medical Complex in Berlin (Universitätmedizin Berlin Charite).

It is one of the largest university European hospitals: it employs more than 3 thousand scientists and physicians: they treat patients, conduct valuable multidisciplinary research and teach at the highest international level. More than half of the Nobel laureates from Germany graduated from this school - many international awards and prizes, both in the field of science and in the field of teaching. On the basis of a large number of institutions and clinics.

4) The University of. Christian Albrechts-Universität Kiel.

A classical university, recognized and respected all over the world. The campus includes more than 250 buildings, 165 research centers, clinics, specialized courses in 66 directions (from dentistry to archeology). Here you can study a wide range of sciences (including geological and applied), and some faculties are known throughout the world: oceanography, medicine, Eastern European law, the world economy.

5) Universitaet Luebeck.

The University has been operating since 1973 as an independent Schleswig-Holstein Science Institute. Especially it is worth noting the natural, technical and medical direction. The highest results of students and graduates are provided by a harmonious and balanced combination of several areas - medicine, informatics and science - at the expense of which it is possible to translate theoretical decisions into reality.

There are also medical faculties in other German universities:

  • Ludwig Maximilian (Munich)
  • The University of. Justus Liebig (Giessen)
  • University of Regensburg
  • The University of. Otto von Guericke (Magdeburg)
  • The University of. Albert Ludwig (Freiburg) is famous for its clinic, the oldest and largest in Europe: the University of Medicine, the central clinic with different directions, dermatology and psychiatry
  • The University of. Ernst Moritz (Greifswald) - the most prestigious university from the list: more than 2000 entrants from all over the world are applying for every hundred vacancies; Especially worth noting institutes of general medicine and dentistry.
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