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Mathematics, physics, engineering: summer courses in England

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Mathematics, physics, engineering: summer courses in England

A special summer STEM program, based on the well-known CATS College Cambridge , is designed specifically for students interested in the exact sciences, practical application of knowledge and programming. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (science (including physics), technology, engineering, mathematics) - these are the main directions of the summer course.

The duration of the vacation program is 2 weeks. Students will solve numerous mathematical and engineering problems, put on fascinating scientific experiments (for example, in chemistry workshops they will learn to create various polymers), they will develop new computer programs based on the studied mathematical models. Divided into teams, students will compete in the knowledge of physics and engineering: draw diagrams and drawings, solve problems on logic and profile knowledge. The competition is judged by professional jury-experts - the best of students will receive valuable prizes and bonuses.

Summer program will help students to determine the direction of further educational and professional activities, take the first steps towards a successful scientific career, increase their chances of enrolling in the coveted university.

The program is designed for 2 weeks (from July 16 to 29) and is offered to students aged 14-16 with a sufficiently high level of English (IELTS from 5.0 and above). The tuition fee is £ 1,100 per week.

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