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Master in University of Great Britain

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Master in University of Great Britain

Master's degree in the UK is only possible for those who already have a bachelor's degree or a British higher education diploma , as well as an equivalent obtained in the same branch of science in another country.

[999.4 ] The master has three levels:
  • a certificate or a master's degree;
  • a master's degree;
  • a doctoral degree.

Requirements for enrolling in Master's programs in most British universities:

  • 1-2-year experience after receiving Bachelor's Degree ;
  • a high level of English proficiency - not less than 6.5 on the scale IELTS ;
  • student visa Tier 4 (General);
  • the school must have a Highly Trusted license issued by the UKBorderAgency organization.

Student visa is given for 5 years. When obtaining a doctorate and training in some specialties, a visa is issued for a longer period.

Certificate and Master's Degree

To obtain these documents, you need to complete an annual full-time study. Universities offer a wide range of subjects: management, information technology, education and many others. Different educational institutions establish different orders. In some you can get a master's diploma of the first degree and continue your studies. In other diplomas it is issued after one-year training, if it is not planned to write a dissertation, and this ends the training.

Master's Degree

In Britain, you can get a master's degree , studying at courses of two types: teaching and research.

Teaching programs are very different from each other in different universities. Some have a fixed structure, others include a base unit and courses for the student's choice. The format of classes is seminars and trainings, and testing can be different: exams, term papers, interviews, group projects, essays or dissertations. Estimates, as a rule, are not put. The diploma simply can not be issued if the study was unsuccessful, successful students receive the degree of MA - Master of Arts, MSc - Master of Science and MEng - Master of Engineering. Especially successful students also receive insignia.

Very high demand is used for MBA business courses - masters of business administration. This is the most popular and ranking qualification. In the field of postgraduate education in business and management, there are a number of degrees equivalent to MBA.

Research programs of the Master's program do not require attending lectures. Students are engaged in research in the chosen field. Some such programs contain training modules, but the results are evaluated according to the quality of the submitted thesis. After receiving a master's degree, students can claim a doctoral degree.

Doctoral degree (PhD)

This is the highest degree of Doctor of Philosophy, and you can get it only by showing the best results in the previous stages of training. There are three types of programs for obtaining a doctoral degree:

  • classical research program,
  • educational and research,
  • is professionally oriented, which is the most popular.

Doctoral Studies: Research Program (PhD)

This program is accepted by students with a master's degree and in some cases - with a bachelor's degree or relevant professional experience. They begin as masters of philosophy (MPhil), and then at high results pass to the doctoral program.

The research program takes 3-4 years, requires full efficiency and high efficiency. In the first year, research is conducted, resulting in a thesis in the form of a report or an essay of about 80 thousand words. The work is written under the supervision of the scientific adviser, he also coordinates the topic of the dissertation.

Not so long ago, educational institutions began to give the opportunity to take exams in certain subjects instead of the thesis: architecture, fine arts and others.

Doctoral Studies: Study and Research Program

This program New Route PhD, consisting of training modules and an expanded research project. Get a doctoral qualification for this program can be on 17 subjects, specific information is better to search on the websites of educational institutions.

Doctoral studies: professionally oriented program

Professional Doctorates are chosen by those students who are planning not an academic but a professional career. The program includes research and coursework. Upon graduation, doctoral degrees are awarded in various fields of science: pedagogy, clinical psychology, business administration and others.

Briefly about the introductory requirements

Check if you have everything to go through the chosen course of study.

Language courses

The time of arrival is any, the level of preparation can also be any. To obtain a student visa and admission to the Master's program, the level of knowledge of the language must be at least 6.5 according to IELTS.

Master's training programs

A bachelor's degree or equivalent, the level of language proficiency (for those who do not own it) is 6-7 by IELTS. The selected university can conduct self-testing on the language, and if the preparation is not enough, then it is proposed to pass the Pre-Master's training program, and after that enter the main course of the master's program.

Doctoral programs.

Master's degree or equivalent. You can also pass a preliminary Master's program of research or philosophy, and then go on to doctoral studies.

Master of Business Administration

A bachelor's degree obtained in Britain or another country. 2-3 years of experience in management and high scores on GMAT.

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