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Master in Germany

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Master in Germany

Germany in recent years is becoming increasingly popular for students of the CIS for higher education - both for bachelor's and master's degree programs. What are the distinctive features of national universities, their main advantages?

In order to enroll in a master's program in Germany , a student from the CIS must complete a course of basic higher education in his country for the same specialty where a master's degree is planned. Evaluations in the bachelor's diploma are also important - they should not be below the "Good" level, you may need letters of recommendation from teachers, characteristics from enterprises where the student was practicing. Features of the package of documents vary depending on the chosen educational institution.

To receive the second higher in the German educational institutionsis also possible only with the condition of having a basic higher education obtained in one's own country. But, unlike the magistracy, you can choose any specialty, do not depend on the entry in your first bachelor's degree. True, you will have to start studying from the very first year: 6-7 semesters will take the basic bachelor's program (or the first qualification degree) and another 3-4 semesters - the master's program.

The duration of the Master's program in Germany is 3-4 semesters and is approximately the same everywhere.

Is the MA in Germany for bachelors from Russia and Ukraine free? By and large, yes, but the conditions may differ depending on the federal land on which the university stands (of course, we only consider state universities here). So, for example, training inBerlinor Frankfurt will be free, which can not be said about the institutions in Hamburg , Munich and other Bavarian cities (Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony). [999.19 ]

A master's degree can also be obtained in the country in English - but this opportunity is provided on a fairly limited number of specialties: for example, computer science and the international economy. Such areas as medicine or sociology are taught only in German.

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