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2020-08-21 12:20:11

Locations for cool photos in Moscow: roofs are far from the only option

Locations for cool photos in Moscow: roofs are far from the only option

The emergence of instagram has changed the attitude towards events: travel, holidays, meetings. Not a single significant date is complete without a couple of hundred photographs; the demand for professional photographers has grown rapidly.

Roofers, who once climbed onto the rooftops to feel a moment of freedom from the stone jungle and see a real sunrise or sunset, are now frantically looking for a new angle for photos in social networks. These searches often lead to sad consequences.

Moscow is so incredibly diverse that there is no need to climb on the roof to take cool photos. Old and new buildings, industrial zones and parks - everyone can choose the desired surroundings for themselves, loved ones, for a wedding procession or for a couple in love.

Or you can just make a list of locations and go to see. Impressions are more valuable than photographs.

Parks: in the metropolis you want to be closer to nature

  • "Novodevichy Ponds"
  • Natural reserve "Vorobyovy Gory"
  • "Skhodnenskaya bowl"
  • Park "Khodynskoe Pole"
  • "Tyufeleva Grove"
  • Zaryadye
  • Victory Park
  • Hermitage Garden
  • Botanical Garden of RAS
  • "Pharmaceutical garden"
  • "Boring Garden"
  • "Skolniki"
  • Vorontsovsky Park.

"Novodevichy Ponds" is a small park near the Novodevichy Convent around 2 ponds. Calm water of ponds, weeping willows, age-old trees - all this is a luxurious backdrop for a photo shoot. The photos and the historical architecture of the buildings of the Novodevichy Convent will also decorate. The famous Novodevichye cemetery is also worth a visit. Bonus: this park offers one of the best views of the Moscow City business center, which has become a symbol of the capital in the last decade.

The forest area located on the slopes of the Vorobyovy Gory is cut by ravines - dried up beds of former rivers. There you can often find springs, about 400 species of plants grow here, including those listed in the Red Book. Landslides occur in some areas. There are 3 eco-trails on the territory of the reserve.

Another area of wildlife in the metropolis is the Skhodnenskaya bowl (Tushinsky ladle). This place is located in the South Tushino area. Where the channel of the Skhodnya river makes a loop, there is a deep natural foundation pit with forest areas, swamps, oxbows (old river beds filled with stagnant water). The unusual relief of a corner of nature generates creeping fogs, creates a unique illumination of areas.

The new park "Khodynskoe Pole" will provide for filming a bright pond with water plants, surrounded by wooden paths. New sports grounds, skaters' area can also become an interesting backdrop. Mirror maze and non-standard architecture of modern buildings around the park are popular subjects for photography.

Another new park - Tyufeleva Roshcha - appeared in 2018 on the territory of ZIL. An interesting pond with crystal clear water (difficult to clean), a long canopy (pergola), under which you can walk and climb from above, a yellow-red embossed playground.

Zaryadye Park in the center of the capital offers to take a selfie on the Floating Bridge - an observation deck over 140 m long, from where you can see the Moscow Kremlin and the historical part of the city. An openwork pavilion and a 10 m high dome will also be an excellent background for a photo. Next to the Floating Bridge is the Glass Crust: about 3000 glass panels on metal supports, a grandiose structure with built-in solar panels. The ice cave on the territory of Zaryadye will present a variety of white backgrounds. There is also a historical background - the ancient Kitaygorodskaya wall.

Victory Park is famous for the majestic Arc de Triomphe, which was chosen by the wedding photographers of the capital: the monumental structure and beautiful flower beds create the atmosphere of the event.

The old Hermitage Park will provide completely different views: forged openwork pavilions, white columns of the Hermitage Theater, the bright building of the Sphere Theater, lawns and a summer stage. Heart of pipes (Monument to lovers) - for lovers of modern sculpture, cages with pheasants - to revitalize the atmosphere.

The Botanical Garden and the Apothecary Garden will be useful for filming against the backdrop of flower beds and exotic plants. The red fish in the Aptekarskiy Ogorod pond look very picturesque. There is a Japanese Garden in the Botanical Garden.

Art spaces, industrial zones: creative mood, modern spirit

  • Bakery No. 9
  • "Bottle"
  • "Red October"
  • Arma plant
  • Design Center "Artplay"
  • Base of stuntmen "Master"
  • Ghost house on Andronievsky passage
  • Mosfilm scenery.

Two modern trends: interest in abandoned cities and buildings, industrial zones and love of graffiti give rise to unusual art spaces that are simply created for interesting photos.

On the territory of the former bakery No. 9 in Moscow, places for exhibitions, festivals and trade are organized. The space is decorated with bright graffiti, which, in combination with industrial surroundings, is a good shooting platform.

Next to Khlebozavod №9 is the Flacon design plant, a former crystal production plant. This is a space for concerts, festivals and exhibitions, charismatic cafes and radio stations are located here. A space painted with bright graffiti and murals, sometimes exploding spatial orientation. For creative photos - here.

The business quarter "Arma" on the territory of the former gas production: unusual forms of industrial architecture were ennobled, the result was a non-standard, very beautiful space.

The Artplay Design Center is the former Manometr plant not far from the Kursk railway station. It is a place for work and play for artists and designers of all stripes. There are offices of design studios and design schools, festivals, master classes, and various art events are held here. The fantastic interiors even touched the elevator.

On the basis of the Master stuntmen, there are museum expositions conceived specifically for cool photos: ancient military art, equipment from the Great Patriotic War (rusty, broken, very photogenic), torture devices, the Tin exhibition - iron people, terminators.

The house on Adronievsky Proezd is an abandoned house painted with graffiti.

On Mosfilmovskaya Street there is another art object - the scenery for the film "The Horseman Called Death", a street in a fictional city of the 18th century.

Business centers, shopping centers: the most modern architecture and cutting-edge design

  • Moscow City
  • Business center "Aquamarine"
  • Shopping center "European"
  • Vegas Crocus City
  • Savelovsky City
  • Dominion Tower.

Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" is located on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment. The highest observation decks are located here. Panorama 360 on the 89th floor of the Federation Tower, an art space with its own ice cream factory and interactive demonstrations, ranks second in height in Russia and Europe. High Port 354 is located a little lower, in the Eye tower, but it is open, which, of course, adds sensation (the best safe option for roofers!). The venues are cool, but not free. But the fountain in the Afimall City shopping center with 20-meter jets and the windows of the world's most famous shops will work as decorations for “thank you”.

The Aquamarine business center is a high-class business center, no art objects, the kingdom of white lines. But the very white lines of the buildings intersect in space so that they create their own artistic atmosphere. Filming here is allowed only on the phone (amateur photography).

The 7-storey shopping center "Evropeyskiy" with bright signs is especially good in the evening, flashing with advertising lights.

Vegas Crocus City - modern architecture, shopping galleries, ice rink, concert hall.

Savelovsky City is not a business center, but a residential complex, but it is the city of the future. If you are interested in the architecture of tomorrow, go to Savelovsky.

Dominion Tower, Tower of Dominion (Peresvet Plaza) is a modern business center with unique architecture and fluid black and white interiors by Zaha Hadid.

Noble estates: palaces and parks of past centuries

Manors in Moscow play the role of parks and museums at the same time, so there are colorful flower beds, alleys, manor houses with columns and arches, sculptures and fountains. There you can also find Orthodox churches and chapels. Those who want to capture beauty and history in a photo should go to the estate.

  • Tsaritsyno
  • Kolomenskoe
  • Bykovo
  • Porovskoe-Streshnevo
  • Narrow
  • Kuskovo
  • Ostankino
  • Kuzminki
  • Arkhangelskoe
  • Dyakovo settlement
  • Krutitsy Patriarchal Courtyard.

Moscow bridges - a special type of space organization

  • Bagrationovsky bridge
  • Bridge to them. Bohdan Khmelnytsky
  • Andreevsky bridge
  • Big stone bridge
  • Zhivopisny bridge
  • Dorogomilovsky bridge (space under the bridge).

Picturesque places: close acquaintance with the capital

  • Shkolnaya Street
  • China town
  • Kuznetsky Most Street
  • Savvinskoe courtyard
  • House of Music
  • Izmailovo Kremlin
  • Yakimanka.

Shkolnaya Street, Kitay-Gorod streets - old houses, churches in the center of Moscow. Kuznetsky Most Street is one of the oldest in Moscow, where colorful pre-revolutionary buildings of rich tenement houses, banks, merchant estates are located. Savvinskoe courtyard - baroque houses.

The House of Music is a modern transparent building that fills with light like music at nightfall. Izmailovsky Kremlin is a modern stylization of Russian architecture, and Yakimanka is a place of a spectacular meeting of modernity and history.

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