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Bachelor's Courses(english) in LIU Post (CW Post Campus of Long Island University)

LIU Post (CW Post Campus of Long Island University)
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residence, boarding house
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17500.00 $ / semester
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Program name
All year round
from 17500.00 $ / semester
from 17500.00 $ / semester
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


Undergraduate Programs.

Foreign students who have finished school (a diploma with good grades / points) and have a certain level of knowledge of English can enter baccalaureate programs. Each School and College has the right to put forward its own requirements, which are necessary for admission (for example, applicants applying for creative specialties must provide a portfolio of works). The directions of education are extensive and include:

  • Business Science
  • Management Sciences
  • Humanitarian sciences
  • Science about Health and Medical Sciences
  • Educational Sciences
  • Sciences in the field of Arts and Performing Arts
  • Communication Sciences
  • Computer science.

Educational programs include basic and additional modules (disciplines), each module is evaluated in a certain number of credits. Teachers find an approach to each individual student, helping him to reveal his talents and abilities. During the education, lectures, seminars, master classes are held. Students are engaged in independent work and research, work in a group, and submit reports. Examinations, written works, essays and extended essays are passed for the control of academic performance.

In the case of a successful completion of the education, the graduate is awarded a Diploma and is awarded a Bachelor's degree in the relevant field of science.

Directions and specialties of Baccalaureate:

Specialties leading to Bachelor of Business Administration (BS in Business Administration):

  • Business Administration (BS in Business Administration)
  • Business Administration in Information Systems Management (BS in Business Administration (Management Information Systems)).

Bachelor of Business Administration:

1. Basic modules (disciplines):

  • Introduction to business
  • Principles of management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Group dynamics management
  • Creation and management of small business
  • Business Communications
  • Introduction to the processing of business information
  • Human resource management and labor relations
  • Business and society
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Production management
  • Business Policies
  • International management and cross-cultural behavior
  • Seminar on Management
  • Seminar on management in the field of art
  • Independent research (1 or 2 credits)
  • Internships in the field of management
  • Critical analysis of decisions
  • Statistics

2. Modules in the field of information systems management:

  • Principles of Information Systems Management
  • Analysis of business systems and database design
  • Support Systems Management
  • Management of telecommunications and networks
  • Management of information technology and electronic commerce in a multinational business environment.

Each module is evaluated, mainly 3 credits. Upon successful completion of the program, the student is awarded a Diploma and is awarded a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Specialties of Bachelor's Degree in Business, Management, Science, Education, Arts, Medicine and Sciences and Health, Humanitarian Sciences:

  • Accounting (BS in Accountancy)
  • Education in Art (BFA in Art Education)
  • Art (BFA in Art)
  • Creative Therapy (BS in Art Therapy)
  • Management in art (BFA in Arts Management)
  • Biology (BA in Biology)
  • Biology (BS in Biology)
  • Biomedical Sciences: Clinical Laboratory Science (BS in Biomedical Sciences: Clinical Laboratory Science)
  • Biomedical Technology (BS in Biomedical Technology)
  • Broadcasting (BFA in Broadcasting)
  • Chemistry (BA in Chemistry)
  • Computer Science (BS in Computer Science)
  • Criminal justice (BA in Criminal Justice)
  • Dancing (BFA in Dance Studies)
  • Digital Art and Design (BFA in Digital Art & Design)
  • Game Design and Development (BFA in Digital Game Design & Development)
  • Interdisciplinary research: The science of the systems of the planet (BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Earth System Science)
  • Interdisciplinary Research: Environmental Science (BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Science)
  • Interdisciplinary studies: Environmental sustainability (BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Sustainability)
  • Economy (BA in Economics)
  • English: Literature (BA in English: Literature)
  • English: Writing (BA in English: Writing)
  • Merchandising in Fashion (BS in Fashion Merchandising)
  • Cinema (BFA in Film)
  • Business Administration (BS in Business Administration: Finance)
  • Spanish (BA in Spanish)
  • Forensic Science (BS in Forensic Science)
  • Geography (BA in Geography)
  • Geology (BA in Geology)
  • Geology (BS in Geology)
  • The health administrator (BS in Health Care Administration)
  • Public Administration (BS in Public Administration)
  • Health information management (BS in Health Information Management)
  • Upbringing in health and physical education (BS in Health Education and Physical Education)
  • Physical Education (BS in Physical Education)
  • Health Sciences (BS in Health Sciences)
  • Health Information Management (BS in Health Information Management)
  • Respiratory protection (two years at LIU Post and two years at LIU Brooklyn) (BS in Respiratory Care)
  • Medical Imaging (BS in Medical Imaging)
  • History (BA in History)
  • Information Management and Technology (BS in Information Management & Technology)
  • Information Systems (BS / MS in Information Systems)
  • Journalism (BFA in Journalism)
  • Business Administration: Management of Information Systems (BS in Business Administration: Management Information Systems (MIS))
  • Business Administration: Marketing (BS in Business Administration: Marketing)
  • Mathematics (BA in Mathematics)
  • Mathematics (BS in Mathematics)
  • Mathematics and Physics (BS in Mathematics and Physics)
  • Radiological Technologies (BS in Radiologic Technology)
  • Instrumental representations (BM in Instrumental Performance)
  • Music (BS in Music)
  • Music education (in high school) (BM in Music Education (Birth-Grade 12))
  • Vocal performances (BM in Vocal Performance)
  • Nursing (BS in Nursing)
  • Nutrition and Nutrition (BS in Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • Food, Nutrition and Wellness (BS in Food, Nutrition and Wellness)
  • Philosophy (BA in Philosophy)
  • Photo art (BFA in Photography)
  • Physics (BA in Physics)
  • Political Science (BA in Political Science)
  • International Studies (BA in International Studies)
  • Psychology (BA in Psychology)
  • Psychology (BS in Psychology)
  • Public Relations (BFA in Public Relations)
  • Social work (BS in Social Work)
  • Sociology (BA in Sociology)
  • Sociology: Applied Sociology (BA in Sociology: Applied Sociology)
  • Pathology and Speech Audiology (BS in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology)
  • Theatrical art (BA in Theater Arts)
  • Theatrical Art (Game) (BFA in Theater Arts (Acting))
  • Theater Art (Design and Production) (BFA in Theater Arts (Design & Production))
  • Theatrical art (Directing and drama) (BFA in Theater Arts (Directing & Playwriting))
  • Theatrical art (Musical Theater) (BFA in Theater Arts (Musical Theater)).

The cost of studying for Bachelor's programs in all directions is from 35,000 $ / year.

To clarify the cost of the selected program, please contact specialists.


Students of the University have a great opportunity to supplement their core specialization and studied disciplines with additional fields of knowledge in accordance with their personal or professional interests. Programs of additional specialties give graduates an undoubted competitive advantage and expand opportunities for employment and professional activity.

The directions of the programs "Minor":

  • Biology
  • Digital Art and Design (Minor in Digital Arts and Design)
  • Digital game design and development (Minor in Digital Game Design and Development)
  • Economy (Economics)
  • Film Studies
  • Management in Sports (Sports Management)
  • Equine Studies
  • History
  • Broadcasting
  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Special reporting (Specialty Reporting)
  • Financial Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Entrepreneurship in music (Music Entrepreneurship)
  • Jazz training: vocals and play (Jazz Studies: Vocal or Instrumental)
  • Nutrition
  • Philosophy
  • Photography
  • Psychology (Psychology)
  • Criminal psychology (Forensic Psychology)
  • Public relations
  • Social Work
  • Anthropology (Anthropology)
  • Gender and Society (Gender and Society)
  • Race, ethnicity and society (Race, Ethnicity, and Society)
  • Social changes and social inequality (Social Change and Social Inequalities)
  • Sociology.

The cost of passing through certain directions under the "Minor" programs should be clarified by specialists.

All courses

Program name
All year round
from 17500.00 $ / semester
from 17500.00 $ / semester
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 17500.00 $ / semester
from 17500.00 $ / semester
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 24950.00 $ / semester
from 24950.00 $ / semester
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 36452.00 $ / year
from 36452.00 $ / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


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