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Learning in the US after graduation, studying in America

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Learning in the US after graduation, studying in America

Among the schoolchildren of Russian educational institutions, many people dream of obtaining a diploma from an American university, but it should be taken into account that there are a number of fundamentally important nuances that determine the possibility and success of admission to an institution of higher learning.

What should be considered for schoolchildren who dream of studying abroad?

  • In many countries, including the United States , the system of education differs from the Russian one, that is why it is impossible to enroll in American universities right after school because of the difference in the duration of studies: Russian children study 10 or 11 years, and American children 12. In addition, there is an additional educational level, which is not considered mandatory, but highly welcomed
  • High language level and the TOEFL certificate, IELTS with a good score also gives more chances to enter the planned university
  • Those who come from abroad need to demonstrate serious academic knowledge and personal qualities: an active life position, diligence and motivation, the existence of a formed area of interests.

Applicants from abroad can increase their chances and fill the gaps with special pre-university training programs. The system of training these courses includes three blocks: the study of school subjects, the development or improvement of language skills and the course of adaptation.

Topical information for Russian schoolchildren: how to enter the best universities in the US

1. Get a certificate in a prestigious American private school . High School diploma is an education program that will allow you to obtain an American-level certificate. Schoolchildren will be able to adapt to the new environment and master serious preparation for the university. Positive feedback is available from the Leman Manhattan Preparatory School : the elite boarding school offers a wide range of preparatory programs aimed at improving the level of academic knowledge and improving the language skills. The cost of training will be from 83000 $ per year.

2. To pass specialized training of the leading university or international school on the following training programs:

  • Pathway and University Transfer Program are very popular among foreign programs entering the university. Students already fall into the academic life of the university, get acquainted with the teachers, methods and principles of education and then go to this university. The learning process is designed for a short period - 1-2 semesters - and after it is completed you can apply immediately to the second year of the university. For example, Cal State University California Monterey Bay specializes in transfer programs, which cost from $ 25,000 for 2 semesters.
  • The Foundation assumes only study based on language training, and lasts for 1 academic year: due to the peculiarities of teaching methods, children will be able to adapt to the new academic environment, the peculiarities of the American training system.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) is a course that has established itself as one of the best in the world and prepares students at a high level. In addition, at the end of the two-year course, students are almost 100% likely to enter the top universities of the world.
  • The A-Level program (as well as the IB) provides equal chances with the students of America: within 3-4 years, 3-4 core subjects are studied that are related to the future faculty
  • Pre-Masters / Pre-MBA is a specially designed course for bachelors who want to pursue a master's degree or get a doctorate in America. INTO Washington State University offers the opportunity to take the Pathway training course and continue studying within the walls of a prestigious university. The cost will be from 16200 $.

3. To receive incomplete higher education in community college

Foreigners can enter a community college that specializes in incomplete higher education - after completing a two-year course, students are guaranteed admission to the third year of the university.

List of requirements of top universities for foreigners

  • It is necessary to provide a letter of recommendation from the class teacher, teacher or employer
  • Write 1-3 essays. Do not decrease the value of this item! According to your motivation letter it will be clear what career goals and motivations you are pursuing, how fundamental your knowledge and desire to learn. Great attention is paid to personal qualities and conformity to American culture, whether a person can join a new environment or not
  • School qualification certificate: the higher the score and the GPA, the greater the chances of enrolling
  • It is necessary to reflect personal successes in sport and creativity, attach medals and awards
  • TOEFL Language Test
  • Test SAT.
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