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Learning in London after graduation, studying in London

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Learning in London after graduation, studying in London

In London, there are many programs for Russian schoolchildren who will make it possible to equalize chances with local children upon admission to the most prestigious universities in the world.

What should be considered for schoolchildren who dream of studying abroad:

  • According to UK legislation , the system of education includes compulsory education from 5 to 16 years. Further, those who aspire to receive higher education, go to the compulsory course of two years of preparation
  • English and Russian education systems differ in a number of principal moments, which makes it impossible for a Russian entrant to enter a university in London after school. Firstly, children spend 13 years in English schools , and Russian children. 11. Those who wish to enroll in the UK higher school, British students have been intensively trained on special programs for the last two years, so their level of academic knowledge is much higher.
  • Special training programs for overseas students allow you to tighten the knowledge of core subjects and improve your level of language skills.

Topical information for Russian schoolchildren: how to enter the best universities in Britain

Applicants from abroad can enroll in an English university in two ways: to take special training courses or transfer from a domestic institution of higher learning. Among Russian and foreigners the following programs are popular:

  • Foundation (University Foundation Certificate) requires intensive mastering of necessary language skills. This course is usually held within the walls of the future university, where their teachers are employees of the university, so this is an opportunity not only to prepare for admission, but also to adapt to student life abroad. The student himself chooses a direction for studying: business and economics, biology, art and design, law, humanities, etc. We recommend that you read Abbey DLD College London - one of the best colleges in London that offers a variety of programs for foreigners.
  • A-level is a two-year program that is held in private schools in London. It will allow to receive high-quality training and it will perfectly suit for the most ambitious children dreaming of education in the top university in Britain. The course involves studying up to four core subjects. The duration of the program is two years, after which the student passes the exams, which are simultaneously considered introductory to the university.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) is a proven two-year course, known worldwide for its quality training, recognized in more than 100 countries and ensuring entry into the world's best universities. Up to 6 subjects are studied on the course. IB is more suitable for those who have not decided on the future profession: the training is built in such a way that students will receive education in several specialized areas and will be able to decide on their future career.
  • Oxbridge Pre-U is a special program for those who want to get an education in Oxbridge ( Oxford or Cambridge University ). The preparatory course was developed by the Cambridge Examination Center. This is a very complex program, for two years of which students study three basic subjects of choice. Many universities prefer Oxbridge Pre-U graduates. More information about the course can be found by reading a number of schools and colleges that invite you to study under this program: Westminster School, Epsom College , Chelsea Independent College .

For those students who decided to transfer from a domestic university, the following programs operate: Diploma Program, Top up / Final Year.

List of requirements of top universities for foreigners:

  • The admission to universities passes through the organization UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service)
  • Package of documents (may vary depending on the university)
  • High and flexible language skills are required, which must be confirmed by the IELTS or TOEFL language exam
  • Timely application in the selected university
  • Those foreigners who have studied in the schools of Britain, provide a certificate of secondary education GCSE. Foreigners without a GCSE certificate must undergo a two-year preparatory program and receive an A-level certificate
  • Of great importance are academic knowledge: among the five subjects of the certificate, a minimum of two must be submitted to "excellent".
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