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Learning in England after graduation, studying in Britain

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Learning in England after graduation, studying in Britain

In England , a lot of programs have been developed for Russian schoolchildren, which will increase their chances of admittance to British universities, improving academic knowledge and reaching a new level of language proficiency.

What should be considered for schoolchildren who dream of studying abroad:

  1. The difference in training systems. The educational standards of England and Russia have many significant differences. If a Russian schoolchild needs to complete nine classes of compulsory education, then English children are required to study for 11 years. Of course, a Russian schoolchild can finish 11 classes, but this is not all the differences. Further, the English enter the A-level program , study for two years in an in-depth program and only then receive a certificate of secondary education. Therefore, it is impossible for a Russian graduate to enroll in an English university immediately after graduation.
  2. The need for additional training. In order to bring secondary education, obtained in Russia, to international standards, it is necessary to pass special training courses. There are many programs in England, but all of them are aimed at adapting foreign students to a new academic and language environment and pulling up subjects in the shortest possible time.

Pre-university programs have the following features:

  • all programs are designed for fairly short periods of time: from 2-3 semesters to 2 years
  • you can find programs only to improve language skills, or you can combine courses that will significantly improve the level of academic preparation and at the same time contribute to linguistic progress
  • for children developed special in-depth programs for 2-3 core subjects
  • some courses offer a learning system that allows you to go straight to the second year of the university
  • at the end of the courses of students waiting for examinations, which are often considered as introductory to the university
  • programs are designed for students after 8, 9, 10, 11 classes and are optimally adjusted to the level of schoolchildren.

Topical information for Russian schoolchildren: how to enter the best universities in Britain

Consider the main course of preparation for the university:

  • GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education - developed for adolescents aged 14-15: Russian schoolchildren can enroll after grade 8 and take a course in 2 years, or enrolled after grade 9 and complete the training for only one year.) In addition to elective optional courses in compulsory Mathematics and English are studied in the elite institution of Abbey College Cambridge. There are effective programs for Russian students: GCSE, A-level, as well as courses aimed at teaching English: Academic English and Preparation for IELTS .
  • A-level is a classical program developed by the British educational system for teenagers over 16 years old, who graduated from the 10th grade. For many years numerous Russian students have successfully entered prestigious universities in England, having studied under this program. The duration of the program is two years, but there is also a shortened version, calculated for a year.
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) is an international program that is popular in many European countries. One of the main advantages of this course is that IB diplomas are accepted in more than one hundred countries and are very prestigious, and in some universities with IB diploma it is even possible to apply immediately for the second year. For students over 16 years old who are striving to enter the world's leading universities, this program will be optimal. In the prestigious boarding school St. Clare's Oxford has an IB program aimed at developing critical thinking and creative abilities of schoolchildren.
  • Foundation . As mentioned above, even after the 11th grade, Russian graduates need to be trained for the university. Especially for students over 17 years of age, the Foundation program has been developed. This program is aimed at updating and deepening knowledge, as well as qualitative preparation for the university. But it should be borne in mind that some British universities consider this program insufficient and do not accept the certificates of the Foundation, therefore, before selecting a training program, it is recommended to specify which certificates / certificates are accepted by this or that institution.
  • Oxbridge Pre-U is a relatively new development of the Cambridge Examination Center. The program offers in-depth study of three core subjects and exams, that is, it is considered rather complicated. Diploma Oxbridge will give some advantages when entering the best universities in Britain.

List of requirements of top universities for foreigners:

1. For admission to the best universities in England, which do not descend from the first places of world rankings, it is necessary to demonstrate very high results in academic and language examinations:

Name of the exam

The minimum score


A * AA and above

International Baccalaureate

40-42 points from 45, 776-777 on the base. subjects

Oxbridge Pre-U

D2, or D3 in all subjects


7.0 (at least 7.0 for each section)

2. It is important to show yourself as best as possible at the interview. In the interview there can be very different questions, it will be necessary to show creative thinking and ingenuity. For example, a candidate for Cambridge holds 2-3 interviews on the subject and one general.

3. You may need to write an additional essay or go through another test.

4. It is necessary to prepare in a timely manner a standard package of documents: online application, motivation letter, IELTS certificate and certificate of exams (A-level, etc.).

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