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Learning in England after grade 11 for children 16,17,18 years

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Learning in England after grade 11 for children 16,17,18 years

Studying abroad for schoolchildren (including for Russians) opens a lot of prospects for academic training, mastering the most relevant skills, expanding outlook, getting to know cultures and gaining invaluable experience. English educational institutions are the best choice for foreigners and for Russians who are ready for intellectual work and financial investment in the future. Training in England after grade 11 for children 16,17,18 years will quickly bring tangible results - English certificates and diplomas are very prestigious and in demand on the labor market.

Features of study in public and private schools in England after grade 11

Russians after grade 11 finish secondary education and think about studying in technical schools and universities, but English guys are not in a hurry to say goodbye to the school. The compulsory level of secondary education ends in the 10th grade by passing exams and obtaining a certificate of completion of secondary education. Learning in England after grade 11 for children 16,17,18 years allows you to concentrate on a small circle of disciplines and will prepare for the university - that is, to pass the A-Level program.

The English system of education relates the age of the student to the courses that he can pass. For schoolchildren aged 16-18, the A-Level program or its international version of IB corresponds to the UK. In addition to the above programs for Russians, there are a number of preparatory courses for foreigners: Foundation , Uxbridge , Year One.

1. A-Level is one of the most effective programs for preparing for the university . Advanced levels - this is an in-depth study of high school subjects. Examinations held by students are introductory to the university, so to some extent it is an English analogue of Russian EGE. If at the previous stage, GCSE , for students the main requirement was the knowledge of a compulsory program, then it is important not only to own the material, but also be able to analyze. The university, which the student is going to enter, is the main reference point in the choice of subjects for study. The list offered by the Ministry of Education of England consists of 45 subjects, of which in the first year of study students choose 4-5, and on the second - three. Mathematics is a demanded subject, but English is more often needed only for future linguists. For example, for admission to the Faculty of Economics of Cambridge you need:

  • pass two exams for A * (Russian score 5+, or "with honors")
  • one examination for A (five)
  • One subject must necessarily be either mathematics or economics, and the rest should be chosen
  • It is undesirable to choose objects that are considered too light, for example, technology and communication.
  • During the study, the assessments made by the teachers do not affect the future - they are only familiarizing for the parents. Examination commission of the university takes into account the results of the A-Levels exams, so it is so important for students to prepare for them in the best way.

    In the UK, each school works with special companies that organize and conduct exams, writing questions and checking: Edexcel, Perason, OCR, AQA. The introductory tests of different companies are somewhat different, therefore it is worth to prepare based on the materials of the organization that will conduct the exam.

    2. International Baccalaureate, IB is an international program that is very popular in the USA , Europe and Canada . The program was originally developed as a pre-university course, not tied to any country. Within this training option, emphasis is placed not only on serious academic training, but also on personal development. At the age of 16-18 the most suitable program will be the IB Diploma Program, IBDP.

    The best schools in the UK for foreigners and Russians after grade 11

    London's leading school Abbey DLD College London invites to the training program A-Level, the graduates of which have the highest knowledge and successfully enter the top universities of the country. The school's rating affects the cost of training on the course - here it will be from 29,000 pounds a year.

    At the prestigious Royal Holloway University of London , which has the highest international and national rating, you can complete an international IBDP program for three or four semesters. Distinguished students will be able to apply immediately to the second year of the bachelor's degree. This program is suitable for children with strong basic training and learning outcomes in the past. The modules include items:

  • start-up
  • management of financial resources
  • principles of marketing
  • financial accounting
  • communication skills in business
  • Academic English.
  • The cost of training will be 17,000 pounds per year.

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