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Language camp in Vancouver, children's camp in Vancouver, courses for children and schoolchildren

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Language camp in Vancouver, children's camp in Vancouver, courses for children and schoolchildren

Vancouver is a picturesque port city of incredible beauty in Canada : it is surrounded by mountains and is located on the Pacific coast, its energy is perfect for studying and resting children. And this is a city with a very high standard of living and top language schools! Local residents are distinguished by cheerfulness and hospitality. In 2010, the Olympics were held here, and to this day local people like to spend holidays, concerts, festivals and other entertainment.

The diversity of languages and cultures makes Vancouver a very attractive place for fruitful learning of English. Learning a language abroad is not just an academic lesson in the campus of the camp, but also a practical training during creative, sporting and adventure activities. In Vancouver language schools with students, highly qualified teachers work with many years of experience: in the classroom students interact with each other, and after classes regularly communicate with native speakers and other students in the generally accepted international language - English.

The daily routine for students of the language school

Lessons on learning English usually end before 14:00, and all the rest of the time is free for active activities on campus or excursions. Many hours of language practice during leisure are held both on campsite during events and sports activities, and during excursions.

Accommodation during summer programs

Residents can live in the student residences or campus of the camp, or in host families. The advantage of living with other children is that you are easier to get new acquaintances, you will have a great circle of communication. But during your stay in the family you can more deeply know the culture and traditions of the Canadian family - choose the best option for yourself!

Leisure for children in Vancouver

Organized field trips will allow you to fully enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of the city:

  • visiting games of Canadian teams
  • anthropological museum
  • art Gallery
  • City of Victoria
  • Vancouver Marine Aquarium
  • the park of Queen Elizabeth
  • Quasar and laser shooting range
  • wakeboarding and other water sports
  • bike rides in Stanley Park
  • a viewing platform in Vancouver
  • Chinatown
  • excursion to Whistler and skiing on inflatable tubing
  • Kapilano suspension bridge
  • kayaking on the island of Boven
  • excursion to Cargo Mountain
  • amusement park Playland.

Language courses for children and schoolchildren

When enrolling in a language school, each child writes a test, the results of which will be distributed to a group with an appropriate level of knowledge, take into account all the wishes and interests.

Examples of top schools and camps for children in Vancouver

  • Private school Bodwell High School. This prestigious educational institution is controlled by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, it also holds the Star High School Award in 2014 and 2015, and has accreditations from other prestigious institutions. In the summer, the school organizes language programs for children from 10 to 17 years studying English. The summer camp is based on three universities : University of British Columbia (Vancouver), University of Victoria (Victoria) and Quest University (Whistler and Squamish). The program is designed in such a way that, in addition to linguistic skills, children develop physical and cultural skills, and on Saturdays it is planned to attend elective classes. Cost: from 2150 $ CAD / week.
  • Summer School of St Giles Junior summer Vancouver UBC is based on the campus of the elite University of British Columbia. Accommodation is available in a university hostel with 1-2 local accommodation with shared amenities; breakfast and dinner in the dining room, lunches for convenience packed (you can have dinner even during excursions and trips). The groups are divided into age categories (10-13 years, 14-18 years) and the level of knowledge, the maximum number of people in one group is 15. Cost: from 1850 $ CAD / week. The program includes: 25 academic studies, accommodation in a double / triple room of the student residence, three meals a day, day excursions, sports and entertainment. The language of instruction is English.
  • The LSI Vancouver language school is part of the international network in Canada. It is a popular training center among foreigners and Russians, where summer and winter programs are available with English language learning for children from 13 to 17 years old. The class size is 12 people. The cost starts from 1050 $ CAD / week. The program includes: 16 or 20 linguistic lessons per week, daytime classes in selected areas, field trips, full board or family accommodation, a certificate at the end of the program.
  • Leading language center International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) . Students of language programs are accommodated in host families: Canadians are very hospitable and friendly, and thus create comfortable conditions for full immersion in the cultural and language environment. All families are carefully selected and under regular supervision of school specialists. Available for children aged 14 to 17 years. The school, where classes are held, is equipped with modern equipment and is accredited as a center for taking the TOEFL exam. The language of instruction is English .
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