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Language camp in the USA, children's camp in America, courses for children and schoolchildren

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Language camp in the USA, children's camp in America, courses for children and schoolchildren

America is an international political, economic, research and educational center. Top schools, elite colleges and popular universities of the United States , which have a high rating, are known all over the world. Summer schools abroad are held on the basis of the best educational institutions, which creates all the conditions for a comfortable study of the language in combination with adventure.

America's linguistic camps are located in major cities of the country, which are popular tourist centers with a lot of attractions. Vacation programs in the USA are studying and rest in the center of modern cities or acquaintance with unique natural places of the country within the framework of special language courses for children and teenagers. For Russian children and teenagers, language programs for the summer in the camps of America are an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of the country, to become acquainted with the requirements and peculiarities of the educational process, to do your favorite hobby in one of the leading countries of the world.

For foreign students, US camps offer a wide range of courses with English language training designed to teach the language as a foreign language. Despite the fears of many parents related to the fact that the child will be far away, the US language schools pay great attention to the safety of each child. A rich program of extra-curricular activities and excursion trips will make the rest interesting, fascinating and unforgettable for every student. A variety of themed parties, creative sections and sports, hiking to natural attractions and trips to museums will not let children and teenagers get bored of the house. Every day in a linguistic camp abroad is a day full of amazing discoveries with friends from all over the world!

The Benefits of Learning in America's Linguistic Schools

American summer programs for children and schoolchildren from all over the world are gaining popularity every year. The reasons for the growing interest of foreign students in the US language schools are:

  • High rating of educational institutions
  • Unique Academic Programs
  • Excellent reviews of parents and children
  • Highly qualified teachers, ready to help their students with any difficulties and problems
  • Newest equipment
  • Modern infrastructure of educational institutions
  • The orientation of training on the student, which allows you to take into account the features, interests and goals of each child
  • A wide range of courses with the study of English, which makes the learning process comfortable and interesting even for children with zero language knowledge
  • A unique experience of communication in a multicultural environment
  • Acquaintance with the bright and unique culture of America
  • Excellent location of children's camps
  • Warm and sunny climate
  • High security.
  • Summer training programs: features and conditions of vacation programs with the study of English.

    American language schools provide a wide range of courses for children and adolescents from around the world. Traditionally , US linguistic schools offer summer study programs with learning English and a large number of extra-curricular activities for foreigners. They assume from 25 to 35 hours of English per week, depending on the intensity of the chosen course and a large selection of leisure sports and creative activities.

    Many summer camps hold unique vacation programs for foreign students. Such courses can be divided into several categories depending on their goals:

    1. Training programs that prepare students for enrollment in an American school, university or an international English language test. Such courses allow children and teenagers to get acquainted with the requirements and peculiarities of American education, improve basic language skills (reading, writing, listening, listening) and get acquainted with the culture of the country.

    2. Sports courses are widely used in America. The programs "English language + rugby" or "English language + football" are especially popular among children from all over the world. In this case, usually after lessons, for children and adolescents undergo a variety of training and sports under the supervision of experienced coaches.

    3. Creative training programs are suitable for future stage stars, young artists of the music industry or the cinema and theater industry. For example, courses from the New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts (NYFA) are of special interest, in which children and teenagers can feel themselves as directors of this film!

    4. Scientific courses that are suitable for novice engineers or IT professionals. Interesting seminars with leading world-class specialists, entertaining practical classes and numerous excursions will make the summer unforgettable for every schoolboy, keen on modern technologies.

    5. Adventure training programs, during which, along with the study of the language, students can try themselves in new occupations or go camping on nature with an experienced mentor. Language schools located on the oceanfront offer courses with surfing training for children who dream of conquering the waves on the white beaches of America.

    Usually, before the beginning of the course, children and adolescents take a language test that allows them to identify the child in the group that is right for him. For greater progress in learning English, it is better to choose language schools where there are few Russian children, as this will give additional language practice.

    When choosing a language school, you should pay attention to its location, the academic program of the camp, the rating and feedback of parents. An important aspect of vacation programs is the schedule of leisure activities and excursion trips.

    Best language schools in the USA: accommodation

    Most of the linguistic camps in America offer the following accommodation options:

  • Modern residence / comfortable hotel (rooms for 2-3 people, full board)
  • Living in an American family
  • Full-time education.
  • The most common variant of accommodation of foreign students during the summer holidays is their residence in a student residence or hotel. This option allows children to find friends from all over the world and learn to be independent.

    Staying in the family will give students a unique experience of communicating with Americans in everyday life, will allow you to get acquainted with the traditions of the country and the mentality of its inhabitants.

    Day-long training, which is offered by some summer camps in the USA, is suitable for children, traveling with parents. When choosing this course, the child attends morning English classes and some extracurricular activities. Most excursion trips are available for students at an additional cost.

    Prestigious children's camps for foreigners in America: rating and cost

    Leading summer schools are held on the basis of prestigious universities and popular colleges.

    Top 10 best summer camps in America for international students:

    1. Lehman School of Manhattan (New York)

    2. Summer Camp at the Pratt Institute (New York)

    3. Harvard University Summer School (Boston, Massachusetts)

    4. The Windermere Preparatory School (Orlando, Florida)

    5. UCLA Los Angeles Summer Camp (Los Angeles, CA)

    6. Yale University Summer Camp (New Haven, Connecticut)

    7. School-boarding Webb Schools (Los Angeles, California)

    8. Summer Camp Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey)

    9. Harvard University Summer Camp (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

    10. Summer Camp at the University of California (Los Angeles, California)

    Prices for training in the US can vary significantly depending on the chosen training program and its duration, the rating of the language school, leisure activities and excursions. The average cost of training for two weeks per student is 2500 $ -3500 $.

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