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Language camp in Switzerland, children's camp in Switzerland, courses for children and schoolchildren

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Language camp in Switzerland, children's camp in Switzerland, courses for children and schoolchildren

For schoolchildren, summer vacations are a time of rest and fun, but parents want their child to spend the summer profitably. Study and rest in close relationship in one of the developed countries of the world in a summer school allow you to go on an amazing journey to a beautiful country. Switzerland attracts students from all over the world with its unique nature - picturesque mountains, clear lakes, magnificent waterfalls or inimitable valleys - and a high level of education. Educational institutions that occupy the leading lines of world educational ratings are often located in Switzerland - leading schools, top colleges and elite universities.

Linguistic schools in Switzerland offer a large selection of language programs for foreigners - from traditional ones, including a language learning program and leisure activities, to unique adventure programs, during which young researchers will be able to go camping under the guidance of experienced instructors. Multinational Switzerland offers a large selection of courses and their levels with the study of English , but no less popular are the programs for teaching German , French or Spanish . Multicultural atmosphere of the country allows to study each of these languages at a high level.

Popular Swiss schools and leading universities have long been a true standard of education, which gives parents confidence in the result. Vacation programs in Switzerland involve foreign language lessons for students in a playful form using a communicative method that allows children not to "get tired of learning or language", and a large number of events, competitions and excursions give children the opportunity to get a sea of impressions from the most interesting vacation abroad.

High security, magical landscapes, interesting programs for studying the language, a rich program of extra-curricular activities, unique excursions, friends from all over the world, training in the world's leading language schools - all this awaits your child in the linguistic camps in Switzerland!

Best language schools in Switzerland: location

Switzerland is a country with an amazing nature and a high standard of living. Pictures of majestic mountains, beautiful valleys, clear lakes have become a real symbol of the country that everyone wants to visit! Another aspect that attracts students from all over the world is the high standard of living and security of Switzerland, which is one of the most highly developed countries in the world.

Switzerland consists of cantons, each of which has its own unique history, culture and traditions. The largest and most interesting cities in Switzerland are Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, Winterthur and St. Gallen.

Swiss summer camps for foreign students are held on the basis of the best educational institutions in the country, which are located in the suburbs of cities. Most elite children's camps are located outside the city, which allows schoolchildren to get acquainted with the amazing nature of the country. Some summer schools can be found in the center of the progressive cities of the country.

The advantages of studying in Swiss language schools

Training in a highly developed Switzerland has a number of advantages:

  • High rating of educational institutions in the world arena
  • Academic training programs for the summer are built in a play form, which makes it possible to make the classes interesting for schoolchildren
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • The newest equipment and the developed infrastructure of schools
  • Multilingual - there are 4 official languages in the country
  • The multinational composition of summer schools, which creates a unique opportunity for Russian schoolchildren to get experience with peers from abroad
  • The orientation of the training on the student, which makes the study interesting for everyone
  • Friendly environment in schools
  • High level of national security
  • Beautiful nature
  • Great reviews of students and their parents.

Summer training programs: features and conditions of vacation programs with foreign language learning.

Vacation programs are a wide selection of foreign language courses for students from different countries. Switzerland offers its students summer training programs in English, German, Spanish and French.

The traditional summer program is to study the chosen language in combination with a bright and rich program of leisure activities. Summer camps offer courses of varying intensity - from 5 to 25 hours of language per week. Experienced teachers try to make learning interesting, and also give children the opportunity to discover and improve their skills. Many language camps in Switzerland offer unique courses for the summer aimed at the creative or sports development of the child.

Of particular interest are the summer programs aimed not only at developing the language, but also preparing foreign students for admission to a school or university in Switzerland - such courses allow you to get acquainted with the culture of communication, the requirements and features of the learning process.

Linguistic camps in Switzerland: the criteria for choosing a school for Russian children

When choosing a language camp for Russian students, you should pay attention to several aspects:

  • Location of the language school. For curious and active researchers, linguistic schools located in the suburbs will be an excellent choice, and for schools that dream of immersing themselves in the unique culture and history of Switzerland, educational institutions located in the center of large cities will be suitable.
  • Academic training programs. A wide choice of courses and their levels makes it possible to make learning interesting and exciting for the student, taking into account his interests and goals. Training will be effective and comfortable even for children with zero language knowledge due to the large number of steps available.
  • The national composition of the language camp. For children from Russia, a greater effect will come from teaching in a language school, where there are few Russian children: this is due to the fact that children will not "out of habit" switch to Russian after classes.
  • Rating and reviews. They give an idea of the level of education and academic programs of the chosen educational institution.

Extra-curricular activities and excursions in the language schools in Switzerland

Foreign summer camps are not only the study of the language with its speakers, but also a rich program of extra-curricular activities for children and adolescents. Language camps offer a wide range of sports and creative activities for their students - music, dance, drawing, football, volleyball, tennis, swimming, hiking and much more. Sports competitions and creative competitions will allow children and teenagers to get acquainted and learn how to interact in a team.

Excursion programs are an integral part of recreation and allow children and adolescents to become more familiar with the culture and traditions of the country. Linguistic schools in Switzerland offer a wide choice of excursion trips:

  • Firvaldshtetskoe Lake
  • The Rhine Falls
  • Lake Geneva
  • St. Moritz
  • Chillon Castle
  • Old Town (Zürich or Bern)
  • Open-air museum Ballenberg
  • Kapellbrücke Bridge
  • Retican Railway
  • Fortress buildings Bellinzona
  • Various museums
  • Picturesque castles, etc.

Please note that the list of leisure and sightseeing activities depends on the chosen training program and camp.

Prestigious children's camps for foreigners in Switzerland: rating and cost

Top 10 Swiss language schools for the summer:

Prices for training in the language schools in Switzerland range from 1500 to 4000 CHF per week. The cost of a vacation program depends on the rating of the institution, the duration and intensity of the course, the program of extra-curricular and excursion activities.

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