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Language camp in Paris, children's camp in Paris, courses for children and schoolchildren

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Language camp in Paris, children's camp in Paris, courses for children and schoolchildren

Paris - a great place for summer school and leisure for children, and it is the capital of France is one of the first places in the ranking of the best student cities in the world. Parisian summer schools have significant advantages:

  • Most of the summer schools in Paris have an advantageous location: within walking distance are cultural attractions and entertainment infrastructure. Thanks to this, children will live in a picturesque French environment
  • By combining study and leisure in Paris, children completely immerse themselves in the language environment, begin to communicate with peers from other countries, quickly learn communicative skills and make new friends
  • Thanks to several weeks in the Paris camps, children achieve staggering results: they forget about the language barrier, learn the lexicon much faster, improve pronunciation and can easily perceive speech by ear
  • Summer language courses include a rich excursion program, in which children can get acquainted with the unique culture and history of Paris.

The best summer schools in Paris for children: programs and prices

  • OISE School Paris is the top specialized educational institution in Paris. The summer school is located in a very beautiful area of Paris - Mare - and has an advantageous location: within walking distance is the famous Louvre and Chatelet Square. The school specializes in linguistic programs, characterized by special intensity and efficiency. The developed French course for children during the vacation period is aimed primarily at mastering flawless conversational skills. The intensity of the program assumes 30 lessons per week, in school lessons students learn grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and listening; conferences and discussions are held to develop a colloquial skill in the language environment. Age of the pupils of the camp: 14-17 years. In the class there are no more than 8 students. Students live in residences (in double cozy rooms). Meals are organized in a spacious dining room as a full board. Tuition fee: 2071 € for two weeks.
  • Accord Paris is a prestigious specialized language school . During the vacation period, she offers effective instruction in a foreign language on saturated language programs. In the summer, pupils are expected to study and rest in the south of Paris in the boarding house of Saint Nicholas. For schoolchildren and students, the courses developed for the summer combine a large academic load and a rich entertainment program. The best teachers practice the communicative method of teaching: for discussing various actual problems and situations, students practice vocabulary and grammar. Extra-curricular thematic events are subordinated to the goals of fixing theoretical material. Age of students: 13-17 years - they are provided with accommodation in the camp, and for children 6-13 a day camp is offered. Tuition fees: from 780 €.
  • The courses of the popular children's camp offered by the popular language school Sprachcaffe Paris are built in such a way that, in addition to improving their knowledge of the students, a fascinating acquaintance with one of the most beautiful cities in the world awaits. The school has a favorable location - in the heart of the city, not far from the famous Montmartre. For the summer for schoolchildren and students are offered various courses:

1) Preparation course for the DELF exam . For foreigners, this is an excellent opportunity to prepare for an international exam. Students will perform similar tasks, analyze the main problems and their solutions. Experienced teachers provide constant academic control over the success of children.

2) The youth course is a comprehensive program for the study of the French language . This program is ideal for those who are waiting for adventure stories, travel to France, entertainment and walks. Against the backdrop of high-profile events in the camp, daily lessons will improve language skills. The cost of one-week training from 770 €.

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