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Language camp in England, children's camp in England, courses for children and schoolchildren

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Language camp in England, children's camp in England, courses for children and schoolchildren

The coming of the summer is connected with a number of serious questions for parents, the key one of which is: "How to make a vacation not only interesting, but also useful for the child?". Abroad, the answer to this difficult question has long been the elite language camps for the summer for students.

A popular linguistic school abroad is study and rest, creating wonderful memories of summer. Study abroad during the holidays in the UK is different from school. For children and teenagers, foreign camps with the study of English conduct lessons in the game format using communicative methods, which makes each class interesting and effective. For schoolchildren from Russia should choose summer schools, where a few Russian children. So, children will be able to practice the language in everyday situations, learn how to interact in a multicultural environment.

Great Britain is a country that has received worldwide recognition as one of the world's centers of education. Academic programs of England are valued all over the world, which makes the education in this country prestigious and interesting for foreign students. Top-notch colleges and leading universities of the country hold vacation programs, which guarantees a high level of educational programs, modern equipment and developed infrastructure. Prestigious language schools in the UK rank first in educational ratings around the world.

Adventure holidays combined with a large number of excursions and entertainment in a country with a unique culture will guarantee a wonderful memory for every schoolboy!

The best language schools in England: location

Educational institutions in the UK have been recognized around the world, studying at an elite university or a leading college in this country offers great prospects for every student. For foreign students, linguistic camps in England are a guarantee of a high level of education, unique cultural traditions and customs, interesting excursion trips and an extensive program of leisure activities.

Leading language centers for children and adolescents are in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, and its suburbs, as well as Oxford and Cambridge, world famous student cities.

London is a modern, dynamic city, in which the unique culture of Great Britain is reflected. London for Russian schoolchildren is a symbol of the English language, because it is his photo is on the pages of each textbook: Big Ben and Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, the mystical Tower and much more. London, home to Sherlock Holmes, attracts a huge number of children and teenagers from abroad due to the large number of attractions, magnificent natural landscapes and ancient castles, museums and art galleries. For foreign students it is especially interesting to immerse yourself in the culture of England in this city, stroll through the streets from famous movies or see the popular tourist red bus.

Oxford is the capital of the county of Oxfordshire, famous throughout the world for its university. Oxford University is the oldest educational institution in England, teaching in it began in the 11th century. At the moment, this university is a symbol of high academic preparation of its students. The university's high rating and its excellent reputation opens the doors of the leading international companies for its graduates. Oxford also houses one of the largest libraries in the UK - the Bodleian Library, which houses a rich collection of unique books and manuscripts.

Cambridge is a city in the east of England, which has received international recognition thanks to the University of Cambridge , one of the oldest educational institutions not only in Britain, but throughout Europe. Graduates from the University of Cambridge - Nobel laureates and famous scientists, economists or politicians - confirm the high level of education built on the centuries-old traditions of teaching and teaching. The city is saturated with a unique student atmosphere, interest in discoveries and new knowledge. The spirit of Cambridge is also evident in its amazing architecture. For example, in this city there is a huge number of elite educational institutions occupying the leading positions of international ratings, and the richest libraries where one can always meet students from all over the world.

The advantages of studying in the UK language schools

Training in the UK, the world educational center, has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • Unique academic programs built on ancient traditions of teaching using modern teaching methods
  • High rating of educational institutions
  • Excellent feedback from parents and students
  • A large selection of summer courses and their levels, which makes it possible for children with zero language skills to feel comfortable
  • A unique multicultural environment that will allow children and adolescents to learn how to interact with peers from different countries and respect their traditions and customs
  • Highly qualified teachers with extensive experience and modern equipment.

Linguistic camps in England: the criteria for choosing a school for Russian children

Choosing a vacation program for the summer abroad is a difficult matter for every parent. The main aspects that should be considered when choosing a language school include:

  • Location:
  • Academic program
  • Rating of the institution and feedback from students
  • Recreational and excursion program
  • Value for money and education level

The location of the summer camp plays a key role in the selection of the training program and depends on the interests, goals and desires of the student. For children and adolescents interested in active sports and the nature of England, linguistic schools located in the suburbs are ideal. For foreigners interested in getting acquainted with the culture and history of the country, it is better to choose camps located in the center of the city, within walking distance of the main attractions.

Currently, the UK summer schools offer a wide range of training courses for children and adolescents in accordance with their interests and goals - sports, creative, educational or adventure. Some children's camps offer daytime training programs that are designed for schoolchildren traveling with parents, and include morning English classes in the group and some extracurricular activities.

The rating of the educational institution helps parents to allocate the best camps for their children. Of course, most often language centers with high ratings and a large number of positive reviews, have more infrastructure development and a more interesting educational program.

An important component of the summer vacation is rest. That is why, when choosing a camp abroad, it is worth paying special attention to extra-curricular activities and a program of excursion trips. The rich and varied leisure time of the child is the guarantor of a wonderful summer vacation.

The price of training is an important criterion in choosing a camp. English language schools offer a large selection of courses that are different in duration and intensity of study, which allows you to choose the ideal option for each student.

Prestigious children's camps for foreigners in the UK: rating and cost of training

The prices for studying in England depend on the rating of the chosen educational institution, the duration of the course and its features, the number of excursion trips and leisure activities.

Top 5 best language schools in Great Britain for children and adolescents:

The cost of training for two weeks of training averages between 1500 £ and 2500 £.

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