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Language camp in Barcelona, ​​children's camp in Barcelona, ​​courses for children and schoolchildren

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Language camp in Barcelona, ​​children's camp in Barcelona, ​​courses for children and schoolchildren

Barcelona is the largest port city in Spain, whose banks are washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The language camps of Barcelona are located both in a quiet and green suburb, and in the heart of the city, and most of the camps have access to beach rest. This is not just a resort area, but also a city with an active urban rhythm of life and a rich cultural history, and so children during their vacation time will combine study and rest. Barcelona is known for its busy adventure programs in the suburbs and a cultural program of sights in the city center.

Spaniards are friendly, active, friendly and sociable people - communicating with them will charge your children with energy and enthusiasm! The hospitality of local residents will also have a positive impact on the stay of participants in the summer program in the camp; experienced teachers have not only high professional data, but also have a cheerful and fervent nature.

Advantages of language camps in Barcelona for Russian and foreigners

  • bilingual education
  • field trips to Barcelona
  • quality education
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • additional educational directions
  • modern campus equipment
  • beach leisure
  • participation of Spanish children.

Academic studies on the study of languages

In Barcelona, ​​the top schools , where they practice bilingual education, have their own effective teaching methods so that children can easily learn 2 languages ​​at once during their summer holidays.

Available language courses:

Language programs for students:

During the classes the participants of the language courses receive the necessary theoretical knowledge, and practice them on practical assignments during the lessons and throughout the free time. Russian and foreign students immerse themselves in the language environment and constantly communicate with other program participants and teachers in the generally accepted international language.

Available types of accommodation:

  • in the host family
  • school residence
  • day stay without accommodation.

The choice depends on the student's personal preferences and school offers.

Many children's camps offer a variety of linguistic, sports and entertainment programs during a day without residency - for example, a minimum return of a participant can be only 2 years (family vacation programs).

Additional lessons for children

To achieve results it is possible not only in popular language programs, but also in other directions:

  • music department
  • robotics course
  • chess Club
  • painting
  • acting
  • writing
  • architecture, sculpture
  • dancing
  • martial arts
  • gymnastics
  • basketball
  • football
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • volleyball
  • yoga
  • run.

The atmosphere of the summer camps has a positive impact on the upbringing of children: it fosters self-confidence, the emergence of new hobbies, the disclosure of talents.

Excursion programs

On weekends and during their free time, on weekdays, children will be offered an excursion program, the most popular places to visit:

  • The Picasso Museum
  • Magic Fountain of Montjuic
  • Tibidabo Mountain
  • Museum of Casa Gaudí
  • Olympic district
  • City tour
  • Temple of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia)
  • Pueblo Español
  • Aquapark
  • The city of Figueres.
  • Santa Maria del Mar
  • Gothic Quarter
  • City of Cadaques
  • Besalú
  • Ebro Delta Nature Park
  • Dali Theater-Museum
  • Tarragona
  • Spanish Village
  • a statue of Columbus.

The quality of camps for children with learning English is confirmed by numerous positive responses from both children and their parents. Being in the language environment, the child starts to understand the speech more quickly and learns to speak fluent in a foreign language, and experienced teachers control the correct pronunciation and the theoretical component.

Examples of prestigious language camps and courses for children and students in Barcelona

  • Agora International School Barcelona is one of the most prestigious schools in Spain . A rich language program in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French, Chinese. Additional lessons on the development of other skills: music, chess, robotics, sports, dancing, painting and other, diverse extra-curricular activities. Children are accommodated in student residences on campus, in comfortable homes for 12 people. The age of pupils of the school is from 1 to 18 years, the board is from 12 years old.
  • The private school Boarding School Barcelona - is designed for children from 3 to 16 years old and is located in the suburbs of Barcelona, ​​the town of Siches. The school has a high international rating, is accredited by the International Association of IB and the British Council, is a member of ACADE. For participants of the summer program at the age of 3-7 years, a day stay in the camp is intended, children from 7-16 years old have the opportunity to live in a boarding house. The program includes daily lessons on learning English, Spanish or Chinese, swimming, music, even gesticulation and self-expression, with parents receiving a weekly presentation of children's works.
  • Language school Enforex Barcelona - available language programs in Spanish or English. The campus is located in a quiet and cozy residential area of ​​Barcelona at the foot of the Tibidabo mountain. The participants of the summer programs live in the student residence, and the groups in the classes are divided into age categories: 5-10 years, 11-12 years, 13-14 years, 15-17 years. Additional intensive programs for football or tennis.
  • The language school Don Quijote Barcelona is located in the center of Barcelona near the attractions and the railway station, which simplifies the transfer and any trips, excursions. Accepts children for the summer at the age of 14 years to learn Spanish with any level of knowledge, there is a different intensity of the course. The educational center has 55 spacious auditoriums, equipped with multimedia equipment, a large recreation area. Accommodation: in the family, at the student residence, daytime stay at the school.

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