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Language camp in Austria, children's camp in Austria, courses for children and schoolchildren

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Language camp in Austria, children's camp in Austria, courses for children and schoolchildren

Summer vacations are a rest time for schoolchildren, but you can spend it fun and profitably by going to a language camp in Austria. Children's camp in Austria will not only allow you to have a wonderful rest in nature, to get new acquaintances with children from all over the world. Courses for children and schoolchildren in Austria will allow students in a short time to significantly improve the level of knowledge of the German language. The language camp in Austria will be useful to everyone without exception. You can learn more about the children's camps in Austria from this article.

Students who learn German, one of the most popular and popular foreign languages in the world, will be happy to visit any language camp in Austria and study German at the courses for children and schoolchildren, since only in the German-speaking country will the most complete immersion in cultural and linguistic environment. In Austria , there are many children's camps and summer schools for children and schoolchildren. Language camps in Austria accept for the education of children of almost any age and any entry level of knowledge of the German language.

Features of language camps in Austria for children and schoolchildren

A children's camp in Austria is a great opportunity to learn a foreign language in one of the most developed countries of the European Union. An important feature of language camps in Austria is a comprehensive approach to the leisure of children: the overwhelming majority of language camps and summer schools combine instruction in a foreign language (sometimes German and English - with a choice) with a variety of extracurricular activities - that is, you can send your child not only to the academic language camp , but in a sporting or creative camp .

As already mentioned earlier, children's camps in Austria offer language courses not only in German but also in many schools (working on American or British educational programs) have the opportunity to learn English . All such educational institutions, under which language camps operate, are officially accredited by the British Council, without which the educational institution has no right to teach in English.

Language camps for children and summer schools in Austria usually work during school holidays, that is, training takes place during the three summer months - from June to August. There are also language camps for children and schoolchildren in Austria that offer tuition based on the principle of a boarding house, that is, pupils are engaged and live in the territory of a summer camp. Attention students are presented language courses of varying intensity: you can choose courses from 20 to 35 academic hours of German or English a week.

It is necessary to elaborate on extracurricular activities. In addition to direct instruction in foreign languages, the educational programs of summer camps in Austria for children and schoolchildren provide for a diverse and rich program of activities and excursions that take into account the age composition of children. In order to ensure that every child is interested in being in the summer camp, various walks and hikes to the mountains, to the woods, excursions to the sights of different cities of Austria, visits to museums, theaters and exhibitions, various sports competitions and games, evening gatherings by the fire and much more - it is necessary in the case of each particular children's language camp in Austria to update this information in addition.

Below, our experts have compiled for you a selection of the most famous, popular and in-demand children's language camps in Austria, from which you can begin the process of choosing courses for your child:

  • The language camp of ActiLingua is located in the center of Vienna, the capital of Austria. There are three educational buildings on the territory of the camp: one is for adults, the other two are designed to teach children and schoolchildren between the ages of 12 and 18-19. Language courses of this language children's summer camp place emphasis on communication between pupils, offering classes of varying intensity: from 20 to 35 academic hours a week. In addition, if necessary and desires, students can simultaneously prepare for the passing of the international language exam in German (ÖSD). In the process of teaching the German language, the teaching staff pays equal attention to all aspects of the language: grammar, vocabulary, conversation practice, and writing in German, which allows you to achieve a balance of knowledge.
  • The Humboldt Institute is one of the most demanded and prestigious educational institutions in Vienna and annually tops the rankings of the best educational institutions not only in Vienna, but throughout Austria. During the summer school holidays, the Humboldt Institute organizes high-quality educational programs and German language courses for children and schoolchildren aged 15 to 18 years. It is worth noting that the classes in addition to the usual academic buildings are held in a very unusual place - on board a ship near the banks of the Danube! As for residence, the students of the language camp in Austria are located in a general student hostel near the river bank. German language courses in this institution usually take up to 30 academic hours a week.
  • St.Gilgen International School is an international private educational institution that accepts children and schoolchildren from 9 to 18 years of age for education. The campus of the school looks luxurious, as befits prestigious private boarding schools - students attend classes in educational buildings similar to villas that are located on the shore of a small picturesque lake. The St.Gilgen International School has a well-developed and modern infrastructure, there are student dormitories and sports grounds, own pier and boats for out-of-class walks on the lake, and students use interactive whiteboards and modern computers in educational buildings. A feature of the summer camp for children and schoolchildren is the fact that students can learn both German and English.
  • The DID Institute is one of the leading and oldest educational institutions in Germany , whose branches are located in different European countries, including Austria. The children's language summer camp in Vienna accepts for children and schoolchildren from the age of 14 to 17 years. The territory of the educational institution and summer camp includes a modern spacious building in the center of the Austrian capital, from here to the main sights - a stone's throw away. Two language courses of different intensity are offered to students.
  • The network of international children's language camps Village Camps has many branches in different countries of the European Union, including Austria. Children and schoolchildren aged from 10 to 17 years are accepted for training. Training continues throughout July, students' accommodation is organized in hostels in the camp area on the principle of full boarding.

Cost of children's language camps in Austria, courses for children and schoolchildren

The cost of a children's summer camp in Austria for children and schoolchildren depends directly on several factors, among which is the intensity of the educational program (the number of academic hours of German or English per week), the total duration of language courses, as well as the conditions for students (full board or daytime training), meals. If you take an intermediate level, then the English or German language course lasting two weeks in the language camps in Austria will cost you from 1,500 EUR to 2,500 EUR. It is important to take into account a lot of additional factors, such as: the location of the children's language camp, air tickets, the cost of living in the cities of Austria, etc. In case of difficulties, you can always contact our specialists for help - just leave a request at the bottom of this page, and our experienced experts will contact you at any time convenient for you to conduct a free consultation.

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