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How to pass an interview with admission office in America - tips

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How to pass an interview with admission office in America - tips

In American schools and universities , before the entrance exams, the foreign student has to pass an interview in English, so that the selection committee can determine the level of his knowledge. In order to understand how best to behave to a future student in an interview, members of admissions office of one of the leading American schools of Northfield Mount Hermon give the following tips:

  1. At the interview you need to show maximum interest. Before the interview, the student needs to think over what exactly interested him in this educational institution, and when talking with confidence, tell the members of the commission about it.
  2. It is necessary to prove that the representatives of the institution have an impression of the student as a suitable candidate. All teachers already have an established image of an ideal student. And if this image is shown in the interview, then the child will have a real chance to enter an American university.
  3. At the entrance, with a smile and a greeting, shake hands with the person with whom the conversation will take place. Psychologists advise to look the teacher directly in the eye: this tone of communication will immediately set a good tone for the conversation.
  4. The institution's representatives must understand that a person likes to learn. We need to talk with teachers about the tasks that most like and help the student develop, and also tell the members of the commission what new things one wants to learn while studying at an American school.
  5. You have to prove yourself. Charismatic personalities have great advantages over the others, as they are easily remembered and everywhere noticeable. Children who think and shy for a long time take much longer to open up to strangers, and there is no time for an interview. Therefore, if the student is shy, he should forget about it during the interview.
  6. You need to be friendly! Usually in most American schools, admissions committee members take feedback after interviews with other students, whom the interviewee managed to talk to. The final decision can be affected by any peer review.
  7. It is necessary to thank the representatives of the institution. This gesture will be appreciated and will show that the child appreciates the attention of teachers.
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