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How to study in Austrian schools

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How to study in Austrian schools

The quality of secondary education here is recognized as very high and has long been considered a privilege of very well-off sections of the population. In our days , the Austrian schools can be called, without exaggeration, an ideal place for learning: an incredibly rich cultural heritage, a successful location among the most beautiful alpine mountains, a really high-quality secondary education with the prospect of getting into the best universities around the world.

How to study in Austrian schools

The system of secondary education in Austria is similar to German and is divided into primary, secondary and higher education.

Begins 6 years of primary schooling (Volksschule), where for four years schoolchildren study traditional general educational disciplines. In the next stage, the students choose either Hauptschule, the upper level allowing secondary education, or the Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schule, where they continue their education at the lower level of the general education school. In the second case, the knowledge of the students turns out to be more in-depth, since the curriculum from this point on includes specialization in several profiles: classical education in the best traditions of gymnasiums (with the study of Latin), a mathematical class with in-depth study of relevant subjects (algebra and geometry) or economics class.

It is also worth noting that in Austrian schools secondary education can be obtained in English, German or French. And some of the educational institutions provide their own boarding house with 24-hour supervision.

What is taught in Austrian schools

  • High level of knowledge of languages. In a country like Austria, residents speak the correct and pure German language. It is for this reason that this place can be called the best for immersion in the environment and for the opportunity to master the language in perfection. Also in the Austrian school your child will be guaranteed to study at least 2 foreign languages, and after completing the training, will become the owner of an impressive baggage of knowledge.
  • Physical training. This aspect in Austrian schools is given the same close attention as, in fact, to the training itself. Each school is ready to offer an impressive selection of sections for sports, because this is one of the criteria by which students are admitted to such famous universities as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale University.
  • Development of creative potential. The program of the overwhelming number of schools is based on the concept of personality education, which in every possible way encourages the development of the child's creative abilities and revealing his hidden instincts.
  • Communicative skills. Studying in an international environment, the student receives unique communication skills with representatives of other cultures. Thanks to this atmosphere in the Austrian school, children learn tolerance, mutual respect and productive interaction with each other. Getting the skills of free communication with foreigners can also open new perspectives for the child.

How many years of studying in Austria

In general, the process of obtaining secondary education in the Austrian school takes 9 years. The academic year starts in October and ends in June.

Tuition fees

For all its advantages, obtaining secondary education in Austrian schools is by no means the most expensive: education in international schools, as well as in some Elite educational institutions will cost around 12-18 thousand euros per year. Of course, the price may vary depending on the number of educational disciplines, the chosen specialization or the number of languages taught to the child.

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