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How to correctly identify a child in the school of England, the United States, Switzerland, Europe

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How to correctly identify a child in the school of England, the United States, Switzerland, Europe

If you have always understood that the level of foreign education is much higher than that of your native country, and you want your child to study abroad , then, after making this important decision, the choice of a suitable educational institution will be the main issue for you. Good parents want their children to choose only the best.

Of course, you can start searching for the ideal school on your own, having spent an impressive amount of time studying information that the Internet has. However, it is unlikely that this search will provide answers to such important questions as "Will this education benefit the child?". If so, which country is better to choose? And this is not all the issues that you have to face.

Here you can tell friends and acquaintances who already have a similar experience. Again, this help can be a little abstract, since the hints are likely to be possible with respect to some one educational institution. And in order to get accurate recommendations for educational institutions that are of interest to you, it is worthwhile turning to professionals for help.

Would you like to know how not to make a mistake with a choice and what to rely on when taking an important decision for the child to choose a school abroad? Our specialists will gladly help you in everything to understand and make the best decision!

Tips and Tricks: Where to Start

Regardless of which country you would like to send your child to,the choice of the school is almost the same everywhere. However, before buying tickets for a child abroad, we recommend first paying close attention to whether it will be able to adapt where it will be surrounded only by foreigners, albeit with the same age. The teenager will be far from the usual situation, relatives and friends.

There is a good way to find out whether the child will be able to quickly adapt to the new conditions, and do this before it is necessary to leave for the whole academic semester - send it to summer school. Today, the variety of options is incredibly large, and it is not difficult to find a suitable one for a schoolboy of any age.

Specifically for several categories of students, the duration of the summer educational program is foreseen. For example, the youngest pupils will have enough courses lasting 2 weeks - here they are guaranteed to acquire a language practice for living abroad. Children 12-16 years old can already try their hand at the program, designed for 4-6 weeks. The daily routine in summer schools is almost the same everywhere (or as similar as possible): in the morning classes, after lunch walks or various excursions, in the evening - sports events, or time for homework. And, finally, youth of 15-18 years can undoubtedly take part in any exchange program. Their duration also varies.

If you and without this stage are sure that your child, being abroad, can quickly get used to the new conditions, then it's time to choose a country and school.

School selection: rating, prices, Reviews

Finding a suitable option for your child is not difficult, considering the following nuances:

  • Abroad schools accept students, when considering an application considering the place of registration. This moment becomes less important if the child travels on a study or exchange visa;
  • no less important step is to find out if there are vacant places in your child's potential school. Of course, this option is not excluded, that they will not be (this probability is especially great if it is too late to start taking care of admission) and the application will pass to the waiting list. If there are places, we recommend that you do not waste time and get formalized as soon as possible;
  • it is better to choose a new school with the same slant that was in the previous school - then only a package of documents will be needed for enrollment. In case you want to change the academic direction, it is worthwhile to prepare the child for additional tests while enrolling.

The list of the best foreign schools having a high rating, you can find on our site. Also here you can get acquainted with the prices for training and read reviews and impressions.

Documents required for admission

This list may vary in different countries and schools, but the main positions remain unchanged. Copies of the following documents are provided by parents to the school administration so that management can decide on enrollment:

  • immigration document or visa;
  • a document proving that the child will live in the school area - it is especially important if you change an institution within one country;
  • [ 999.45] medkarta;
  • report card on the progress of the child at the last place of study;
  • the results of the intermediate examinations;
  • information about the student's achievements in any areas (awards, letters, etc.).

Applying for admission is better as It is possible earlier - the deadlines for enrolling abroad are not the same as in Russia, since the enrollment and preparation process itself takes much longer.

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