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How to apply to the school in Spain

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How to apply to the school in Spain

Many parents want to give children a quality European education and therefore are wondering what to do in Spain's school . We will help you to pass this process with minimal time and effort - entering the Spanish school is quite possible for Russian students, you just need to know a few peculiarities and subtleties.

Primary and secondary education in Spain is compulsory for all (as in most European countries): children go to school at 6 years old, in middle classes are transferred to 12 years. Senior, graduating classes - Bachillerato - are chosen mainly by students who plan to enter universities or profile colleges, have chosen their specialties and are aware of the needhigher education . For Russian students it is Bachillerato that is one of the most popular programs: the course allows you to enter the Spanish university, adapt to the educational system of the country and learn the language well. We recommend starting preparation for entering the Spanish school in advance (at least one year) for several reasons:

1) Preparation of documents and sending an application.

Each school sets its own time limits for filing applications - and it is extremely important: if you apply later, it will be considered only if there are vacant seats (And this does not always happen). Documents required for admission to Spain:

  • Child's passport + photographs of the established sample
  • Completed application form
  • Reference letters from the teachers (in priority the foreign language teacher, mathematicians, the rest - at will) and the class teacher
  • Table of assessments for 2-3 previous of the year
  • All kinds of certificates, awards, letters of appreciation, cups, medals, certificates, etc.

Smapse company will help you correctly fill out and send an application, collect documents, talk about the order Obtaining a visa and will write to the consulate if necessary, carry out professional translation of documents. We will take the most difficult aspects of registration on yourself, to save your time and energy.

2) Foreign Language Level.

If you are in doubt about your level of Spanish or English, Smapse can offer you summer or seasonal shifts incamp or academy, language center, intensive courses or academic semester . It will be very convenient if you attend a course in the same school where the training is planned - so further admission to the Spanish school will be more comfortable and easier, the period of adaptation will be shortened.

You can get acquainted with the campus of the school you like and during the study tour - among Smapse customers it is a popular service. Parents and children during a visit to the school can communicate with the administrative staff, the director and teachers, inspect the territory, visit classes and dormitories, personally make sure of the high level of comfort and service.

It's not so difficult to enter a Spanish school as it may seem! Contact Smapse, and we will reduce your efforts and time costs, taking all the responsibilities and difficulties for yourself.

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