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How to enter Canada school

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How to enter Canada school

Education in Canada is highly valued - so the question of how to enter the school of Canada is asked by the parents of many students around the world. In fact, this issue is quite solvable, but there are several features that must be taken into account. Smapse will help you enroll in a Canadian school, choose the best institution and get a quality education.

1) Public or private school in Canada?

Public schools accept schoolchildren from around the world, but tuition is paid (free only for citizens of the country). The state invests a lot of money in education, so the state Canadian schools are well equipped and in many respects not inferior to prestigious private boarding houses; Children usually live in host families. Private schools - known, elite and rating: relativelyUSA or Great Britain their number is small, so they are all well known and respected by colleagues from all over the world. Private schools in Canada are quite expensive, but gifted and talented students can expect to receive a scholarship or a grant that will cover a significant amount of training costs.

Remember that under the law, all minor children studying in Canada must have an official guardian - we will help you with registration in the guardian agency and pick up an honest, respectable citizen-guardian. Also, Smapse can organize for you an orientation tour of the campuses of selected schools: in this way you will be able to make sure of the level of services and comfort provided, to see classes and hostels, to talk with teachers and the director. The child will feel calmer and more comfortable when he goes to Canada for a long period of study.

2) At what age to enter?

Primary classes accept children 6-12 years old, middle-13-17 years, and there are also senior graduation classes - 15-18 years (they are chosen by students aimed at entering a college or university). Of course, the sooner the student starts learning, the easier it will be for him to adapt and get used to the local educational system, to learn English. But many Russian students complete secondary education in their homeland, but enter Canadian schools for the passage of the high school program (IB , High School Diploma ). This approach is also possible if you know the English language well enough and demonstrate good academic performance.

3) Is my level of English sufficient?

Many Canadian schools organize supportive English courses for foreign students - ESL or EFL. Canada is a bilingual, bilingual country, so some institutions and educational programs will require a good levelFrench language . If you doubt your knowledge, we will organize a preparatory course for you at the summer camp , on the seasonal program, academic trimester - all this will help you to learn more effectively and efficiently in the future.

4) What documents will be required?

Usually entry into the Canadian schools requires a standard package of documents - Smapse will help you collect it, properly issue an application and, if necessary, transfer:

  • Completed application form school
  • Passport passport and passport size photographs
  • Table of assessments for 2-3 previous years
  • Recommendations from teachers of mathematics And English (the rest - at will), the class teacher
  • Any available certificates, awards, cups, medals, certificates, thank you notes - any achievements in the academic, creative or sports field.

Private schools in Canada usually enroll 2-3 times Per year - we always recommend that you attend to the question of admission in advance, at least 1 year before the expected start of classes. So you will have enough time to collect documents, send an application, get acquainted with schools and educational programs, issue a visa, etc.

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