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How to apply to the school in Ireland

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How to apply to the school in Ireland

"How to enter the school of Ireland" - this is the issue that worries many parents who have decided to give their children a high-quality and prestigious education. Enroll in Irish school students from all over the world dream - the quality of British education has long been an international standard, namely in Ireland you can learn the most correct, historically correct and harmonious version of the English language and acquire valuable educational Certificates that are highly traded around the world. So, what do you need to remember and know in order to successfully enter the Irish school?

1) Prepare documents in advance.

We recommend preparing a package of documents for entering the school in Ireland in advance - it is worth starting preparing for about a year. The more prestigious and elite your chosen school, the more strict selective selection it conducts, so the earlier the application is submitted, the better. The application must be composed perfectly correctly, without errors or blots - otherwise it will take time to correct it. We will help you to correctly compile and send an application, collect the required package of documents, if necessary, by carrying out their professional translation. So, to enter Ireland, you need to prepare:

  • Child passport + passport size photographs
  • Completed application (according to the school uniform)
  • Report card for the previous two or three years
  • Letters of recommendation from the class teacher and teachers (necessarily from the teachers of mathematics and English, the rest at will)
  • All the certificates, certificates of appreciation, awards and awards are all that distinguish the student in Academic, sporting or creative.

2) Make sure that the level of English is sufficient.

Of course, many schools in Ireland (especially private boarding schools) organize additional support courses for foreigners (ESL or EFL), but It is better to be confident in your abilities and knowledge in advance. If you doubt that you know English well enough, Smapse will offer you intensive language courses,Seasonal camps and summer shifts, Academic trimester course - ideally it should be held in the same school where the training is planned.

3) Choose the best institution.

The statement that there are no bad schools in Ireland can be considered absolutely truthful. We are ready to find the right Irish school for you, based on your needs and opportunities. If you have chosen several campuses and it is difficult for you to decide between them, we are ready to organize a study tour for you in Ireland with your child: so you can personally inspect the school grounds, its classes and dormitories, talk with teachers, director, educators and administrative staff. The child's trip will also be useful: he will feel more comfortable and calm already after entering the school of Ireland, will reduce the time for full-fledged adaptation.

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