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How to apply for a school in Switzerland

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How to apply for a school in Switzerland

For foreign students, the process of enrolling in schools in Switzerland is a troublesome occupation that requires care and thorough preparation.

First of all, the Swiss school entering needs to confirm Sufficient level of language skills (above average). This applies to the main language in which teaching is conducted. The official language of the region in which the school is located may not coincide with the language of instruction. Its level at admission to the schools of Switzerland is not so important, the language of the canton can be mastered already during the training.

One of the distinguishing features of education in Switzerland - a wide variety of educational programs in different languages. Therefore, when entering Switzerland, it is especially important to choose a school with a suitable program for you. The choice of the curriculum, in the first place, depends on where you plan to continue your education. Focus on the certificateGerman Abitur , if they are aimed at entering universities in Austria, Germany or German-speaking areas of Switzerland. If you plan to continue education in the United Kingdom or in the United States,then you need an English or American curriculum. European universities, where French is a priority, will prefer the graduates of the French and Swiss programs.

We, as experts, prepare for entering the schools of Switzerland as experts in advance. Minimum for the year is to decide on the choice of the institution and complete the application. To be sure of the successful passing of a language test, it is worthwhile to attend language courses in the country of instruction.

To enroll in a Swiss school, you need to collect the set list of documents: a copy of a foreign passport, a standard medical certificate, a student profile, a certificate of achievement. Also, confirmation of payment of the mandatory registration fee will be required. Depending on the chosen school, you will have a full-time job interview or a video call. A language test is compulsory for all schools, and an examination for knowledge of certain subjects or an IQ test will be requested only by certain educational institutions.

To enter a Swiss school, you need confidence and consistency - both from the parents and the student. This is a long procedure, which will be the first step to obtaining a high-status certificate of the international standard, and your efforts will be justified with interest.

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